Pokemon Comic Girl Artwork by Danielle Estefan

Wednesday is known as “New Comic Day” all over the world and is the favorite day of the week for die hard comic collectors! You will find all the new titles in the back of our store, we have a wall of just released new comics that are new that week, plus a super long wall of recent comics. It is constantly being updated based on new titles coming in! After a title has served its time on the wall, it will be moved into our extensive back issue collection. You will not be disappointed with our selection!

Call us on Wednesday mornings 954-748-0181 if you want to confirm that we have the specific item you are looking for. If you don’t want to miss a title, consider signing up for our discount subscription service! Your comic subscription list will be pulled weekly and will be there waiting for you when you come in!

This Week’s New Comics

Each week our staff puts together a list of notable comics to make sure you don’t miss out on something special!