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Rescheduled! New Date is…

Sunday, September 8, 2019 2-4pm

Event location: TATE’S Main Headquarters in Lauderhill

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In light of the unknown variables regarding the impeding hurricane, we have decided to reschedule the REAL Snack Tasting to a later date, which will be announced after the danger passes.

But, if you do still come by on Sunday 9/1… since your hurricane prep is DONE and you’re looking for something to do… we will be giving away some ‘take home’ Japanese candies and the amazing free stickers for everyone who comes by! Its a win win hopefully and we will run the big event soon as the danger passes!

Bonus: The really great snack coupon will be valid for 9/1/19. You do need some tasty Japanese Snacks in your emergency kit, right?

Make sure you print one out! 

Ever wonder what some of our weird and wonderful Japanese snacks taste like? But don’t want to commit to WHOLE big pack of something that looks tasty, but whose name you can’t even say properly? Well, this is the event for you! There is zero charge to try out all the snacks, this event is totally FREE! Plus, everyone who comes to the snack tasting gets a free super cute sticker souvenir too! Want a sneak peek?

How does it work? Here are the details. Starting at 1:30pm (until 4pm) we will be giving out numbered tickets at our main location. It is one ticket per person only! We cannot give you a ticket if the person has not arrived yet. Once you get your ticket you are free to spend your time waiting by leisurely browsing around the store until your number is called! Numbers will be called out via loudspeaker/intercom and repeated, plus posted on the window on a sign. Promptly at 2pm the first group of numbers will be called to get ready go down the sampling line and collect the tasty snacks!! There is a fun lil questionnaire to fill out while you sample, and when you are done, just drop it in the box to enter into our raffle for a gift bag of free snacks. You do not need to just stand in one spot waiting for your turn, in fact please DON’T! As each group of snack tasters clears out – we will call the next group in. You will NOT LOSE YOUR TURN! Even if you don’t hear your number and MISS IT when your number is first called, you can simply go up with the next group, you won’t lose out, so don’t worry!!

The actual snack sampling setup will be taking place at our Gaming Satellite location next door. You do not need to wait over there OR outside in the hot sun, all numbers will be called on our loudspeaker at the main comic location. Once you hear your number, head out the front door and turn right. Your ticket will be checked by our door monitor and you will be let into snacktopia.

Your cooperation is appreciated to make everything run smoothly. Our staff is truly EXHAUSTED by the end of the day, so we extra appreciate your happy faces. 🙂

We also have a great coupon for snacks that is only valid on the day of this event!
Make sure you have a printed flyer to take advantage of it You can print one here.

Photos from our 2018 Snack Tasting Event – it won’t be the exact same, but you will get an idea of what it is like!



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