AnthonyWilliams_DayDreddWebFlyerFRONTIn-Store Signing with comic artist, Anthony Williams

Saturday, September 7, 2019
from 4-6 pm

Event location: TATE’S Main Headquarters in Lauderhill

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Join us for the Day of Dredd –  a global celebration of the character Judge Dredd in pop culture!

We will be hosting and in-Store Signing with artist Anthony Williams!

Anthony Williams is a Welsh comic book artist who began his comic career in the 1980s. Since his beginning at Marvel UK drawing comics such as Action Force, The Real Ghostbusters and Transformers he has worked on a truly impressive list of titles, including tons of Judge Dredd and 2000 A.D. books!

He has also worked on:
Darkhawk • What If…? • Iron Man • Batman: Two Faces
JSA • X-Men • Spider-Man • Hokum & Hex
Deadpool • Warhammer Monthly • Superman
Scooby Doo • Aquaman • and many more!

Full list of Anthony Williams work in comics can be found here>



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