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MTG Aether Revolt Game Day






Magic players! It’s that time again, join us for our Aether Revolt Game Day tournaments!

Dates: Saturday, February 11th, 2017 & Sunday, February 12th, 2017

Time: Saturday @ 6:30 pm & Sunday @ 2:00 pm

Entry Fee: $6.00

Format: Standard

Just for playing, you get a participation promo. In addition to our regular prize support, enter for your chance to win a sweet playmat along with exclusive full art foil promos to the top 8!

MTG Aether Revolt Prerelease Weekend





Join us for the Aether Revolt Prerelease! This is a Sealed tournament for every player – experienced and new – to come and get some of the upcoming set Aether Revolt, one week before it officially releases in stores!

Players will receive six booster packs in their Prerelease kit, and they’ll construct a deck of minimum 40 cards to battle it out with their newly formed deck in a four round tournament for glory and prizes! (We’ll provide the basic lands.)

Here are the details of this epic event:

- Dates: Saturday and Sunday, January 14th and 15th, 2017.
- Times: Registration ends at 11:50 am, and the tournament starts at 12:00 noon on both days.
- Entry: $25.00.
- Swiss. Four rounds. No playoff cut.
- Prize support will be issued based on the number of wins a player gets during the four rounds of Swiss:

4 Wins: 8 Aether Revolt Packs + 2 Kaladesh Packs or Shadows Block or Zendikar Block Packs OR $40 in Store Credit

3 Wins: 6 Aether Revolt Packs + 1 Kaladesh Pack or Shadows Block or Zendikar Block Pack OR $28 in Store Credit

2 Wins: 2 Aether Revolt Packs + 2 Kaladesh Packs or Shadows Block or Zendikar Block Packs OR $16 in Store Credit

1 Win: 1 Aether Revolt Pack OR $4 in Store Credit

MTG Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier $1000 – Standard Format





Join us for our Standard $1K PPTQ for the chance to get an invite to the next set of Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers!

- Date: Saturday, December 3rd, 2016.
- Time: 12:00 noon. Store opens at 10:00 am; registration ends at 11:50 am promptly.
- Entry fee: $25.00.
- Format: Standard Constructed.
- Deck lists required:
- Prize Support: $1,000 CASH GUARANTEED
1st Place – $400 Cash + RPTQ invite.
2nd Place – $200 Cash.
3rd & 4th Place – $100 Cash each.
5th – 8th Place – $50 Cash each.

YGO Invasion Vengeance – SNEAK PEEK









Yu-Gi-Oh players! Join us for the next Sneak Peek and get your hands on the newest cards! Here are the details:

- Date: Saturday October 29th, 2016
- Time: 10:00 AM — While supplies last!
- Entry: $20 — Limit 1 (one) per person!
- With your entry, you will receive 5 Invasion Vengeance packs, an exclusive promo card — Space Dragster, and a ticket into a raffle to win a playmat.
- For every 8 players, we will be firing Yu-Gi-Oh! drafts, where the winner will receive a playmat.

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