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Calendar of Events

Each month we create and print a calendar of the events taking place at TATE’S Gaming Satellite.

Printed copies can be picked up in the store or click Print View below to print your own.

REMINDER: All tournament registration end 5 minutes prior to the tournament start time.
If you think you might be late, please feel free to give us a call :)

MTG Rivals of Ixalan - PRERELEASE

Date: January, 13th 2018 12:00 pm - January, 14th 2018 7:00 pm

Join us for the Rivals of Ixalan Prerelease! This is a Sealed tournament for every player – experienced and new – to come and get some of the upcoming set Rivals of Ixalan, one week before it officially releases in stores!

Players will receive six booster packs in their Prerelease kit, and they’ll construct a deck of minimum 40 cards to battle it out with their newly formed deck in a four round tournament for glory and prizes! (We’ll provide the basic lands.)

Here are the details of this epic event:

- Dates: Saturday and Sunday, January 13th  and 14th, 2018.
- Times: Registration ends at 11:50 am, and the tournament starts at 12:00 noon on both days.
- Entry: $25.00.
- Swiss. Four rounds. No playoff cut.
- Prize support will be issued based on the number of wins a player gets during the four rounds of Swiss:

4 Wins: 8 Rivals of Ixalan Packs + 2 Amonkhet Block Packs or Kaladesh Block OR $40 in Store Credit

3 Wins: 6 Rivals of Ixalan Packs + 1 Amonkhet Block Pack or Kaladesh Pack OR $28 in Store Credit

2 Wins: 2 Rivals of Ixalan Packs + 2 Amonkhet Block Packs or Kaladesh Block Packs OR $16 in Store Credit

1 Win: 1 Rivals of Ixalan Pack OR $4 in Store Credit

If you don’t KNOW how to play a game that interests you… never fear, we’ll TEACH you! Don’t be shy! Come in, have some FUN & challenge yourself at our tables today!