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Magic The Gathering PPTQ – Standard – Minneapolis 2018

Magic players! Join us for our next Standard PPTQ for the chance to get an invite to the next set of Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers!

- Date: Saturday, February 17th, 2018.
- Start Time: 12:00 noon.
- Registration ends @ 11:50 AM, the day of the tournament.
- Entry fee: $25.00.
- Format: Standard Constructed, Swiss.
- Deck lists required: https://tinyurl.com/gskmyjb
- Preregistration for the event opens Monday, January 1st, 2018.

- Prize support structure:

1st Place – $200 + RPTQ Invite
2nd Place – $100
3rd & 4th Place – $50 each
5th-8th Place – $25 each

Yu-Gi-Oh! Extreme Force Sneak Peek

Yu-Gi-Oh players! Join us for the next Sneak Peek and get your hands on the newest cards! Here are the details:

- Date: Saturday January 27th, 2018
- Time: 10:00 AM — While supplies last!
- Entry: $20 — Limit 1 (one) per person!
- With your entry, you will receive 5 Extreme Force packs, an exclusive promo card — World Legacy Scars, and a win-a-playmat raffle ticket!
- For every 8 players, we will be firing Yu-Gi-Oh! drafts, where the winner will receive a playmat.

Board to Death at Tate’s

Introducing a new event at TATE’S… Board to Death!
Free and fun for you! Bring all your favorite friends and family!
We hope to do this as a semi-regular event, so please come and show your support! :-) Learn some new games!

We will provide guided introduction to three different & truly epic-fun board games!

This event will be focused on:
• Arkham Horror
• Betrayal at House on the Hill
• Ghostbusters: The Board Game

Bonus! Complimentary snacks and juice boxes while supplies last! Raffle for $50 in Tate Bucks! One free entry ticket per participant!

These board games are geared towards older kids and adults. If you bring little ones, we do have some other age-appropriate games available for them to play also!

Warhammer 40k Spring Escalation Leagues Start this Sunday 5/12/2013

Hey All!  This Sunday we will be starting Warhammer Escalation Leagues, Y’all know that it’s Free to sign up for the league, Free to play and we will be  providing prizes for the highest scoring participants at the end. The rules are simple and the game is fun to play. Warhammer 40k can be played anytime here at TATE’S, But leagues happen every Sunday starting at 11:00.

For more information please call the store: 954-742-5141 or email our instructor Michael at: contact@tatesgaming.com

Tate’s Spring Warhammer 40k Escalation League Rules

1)    This is a game, have fun and be a good sport.

2)    Rules priority

a)      Rules in the basic rule book are the basis for the league

b)      Rules presented in the codex supersede rules in the basic rule-book.

c)      Rules presented on the GW website including but not limited to updates to the core rules, codex’s and f.a.q. supersede core and codex rules.

(1)     Latest Rules

d)     House/Scenario rules supersede F.A.Q., Codex and Core rules.

i)         Be aware that some scenarios will mandate Night fighting, terrain, etc.

e)      In the event that someone wants to use a model/character that is not found in the current rules/codex [such as Seraphicus from the Special Edition Dark Vengeance Boxed set.] that player is responsible for bringing a copy of the relevant rules [bring the book or a photocopy of the relevant sheets - I have the rules for some Titans, Thunderhawks, Baneblades, etc.].

Q: How many points is Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus, from the special edition Dark Vengeance boxed game?

A: 125 points. Seraphicus is an HQ choice in a Dark Angels army, and a special character. He is an Interrogator-Chaplain armed with a plasma pistol, as listed in Codex: Dark Angels. He replaces the Interrogator-Chaplain’s Zealot special rule with his own Litanies of the Dark Angels special rule.

 f)      We will be using real line of sight, model/plan accordingly. Flyers, skimmers, etc., will be at their altitude. If a player goes to the effort to modify a model to adjust it’s height, good for them. A model’s height is LOCKED to what it was at the end of it’s movement phase. A flyer/skimmer can’t be at one height in the movement phase, a different height in the shooting phase, and/or a different height in the assault phase (unless it gets shot down.. then it’s a nice crater.).

3)    ’Trash Talking’ is a time honored tradition in competitions – If you choose to engage in it, keep it funny and don’t get personal. “You hit like an arthritic Tau” or “You shoot like a one eyed Ork” etc.

4)    Points

a)      Weeks 1 & 2 – 1500 Pt’s. 1 Force Chart, up to 1 Named IC, no allies.

b)      Weeks 3 & 4 – 1750 Pt’s. 1 Force Chart, up to 2 Named ICs, no allies.

c)      Weeks 5 & 6 – 1850 Pt’s. 1 Force Chart, up to 3 Named ICs, Potential Allies*.

d)     Weeks 7 & 8 – 2000 Pt’s. 2 Force Chart, up to 4 Named ICs, Potential Allies*.

e)      Week 9 – 2500 Apocalypse Rules. – Force charts out the window. Allies rules still apply

*Allies must obey the rules as outlined in the current rule-book.

5)    Force Charts -

a)      Each player will have a ‘base’ force chart up to the current maximum points for a given tier. They may also submit a ‘sideboard’ of up to 500 pts. from which they can tweak their Force Chart based on the scenario or opponent. Consequently each player will know that if he faces Player A he will probably see this but he may also see that. – Think Major league sports – everyone knows who is on everyone else’s team.

i)         For example a Space Marine player may have a Devastator squad with 4 Lascannons in his ‘base’ Force chart of 1500 pts but he draws an Ork player so he replaces the Lascannon Devastators with a Devastator Squad containing 4 Heavy Bolters instead.

b)      Each player must submit a detailed Force chart for each tier of play.

i)         The Force charts need not be iterative. If you discover that your 1500pt. Force chart, even with the sideboard, just isn’t working you’re not married to it for the entire League. This has been changed from initial conversations based on feedback from people who were signing up.

ii)       It is STRONGLY recommended/encouraged/requested that people use an established ‘Army Builder’ type program to create/print/share their lists. www.lonewolfdevel.com is just one example. Barring that, MS Excel is your friend.

c)      Each player must bring a copy of their current force chart for their opponent including war gear and listing any special rules which may apply – This character has ‘Eternal Warrior’, etc. This is to ensure the most level playing field. A person who owns a lot of codex’s should not have too much of an advantage over someone without the same resources. Note – this includes an explanation of any special rules which are not found in the core rule-book. Someone playing Ultramarine’s wouldn’t have to explain what Eternal Warrior means for Marneus Calgar but a Necron Player using Imotekh the Storm lord should be ready make sure his opponent understands Lord of the Storms before play. It is incumbent for the opponent to question any rules he doesn’t know/understand, not on the owning player to conduct a class.

6)    Schedule – The league is going to be run on Sundays.

a)      We are expecting to run 3 tables with 2 games each per Sunday.

i)         11:30 am – 2:30 pm then 3 pm – 6 pm - players will be contacted to work out who wants to play when – or who is available to play when.

ii)       In the event that two (or potentially more) players can not make it on a given Sunday then they can contact the Reeve (me) and schedule a ‘makeup’ game during the coming week. Once a day and time is agreed an appropriate board and scenario from the prior Sunday will be prepared.

b)      Reasonable efforts will be made to ensure players face as many different opponents as possible. Once we know people’s schedules we might be able to generate a ‘Who will fight who when’ list. The more flexible players are, the more opponents they will face.

7)    Scoring – Each person can play up to one game a week for scoring.

a)      Win = 5 pt

b)      Draw = 3 pt

c)      Lose = 1 pt

d)     Painted Army Bonus – 1 pt – This is primarily a competition to determine the best Generals but since painting is such a large part of the overall hobby we feel that people who have put in at least some time to paint their army should be rewarded. To receive the bonus point almost every unit must be painted with at least 3 colors. Since we expect people to add to their armies as they play and might not have the time to paint a new unit or character a player is allowed to have one unpainted unit or character in their force. [Such as one independent character or one troop squad, elite squad, heavy support vehicle, etc.]

e)      There will be Battle report sheets – use ‘em. This will not only tell us who won but also give us a couple extra details for posting highlights on the websites.

f)       We suspect that not everyone will get to play every week. Life, families, work, vacations.. they all get in the way so for the purpose of totaling up the scores we will drop the lowest week total for each participant – this will be a ‘zero’ for some players and maybe a loss for others.

8)    Keep in mind that the league will have predetermined Scenarios and Terrain for each week. This includes but is not limited to;

a)      Some scenarios will favor people who have/bring flyers – some may punish them.

b)      Some scenarios will favor people who have/bring fortifications, some won’t. – Custom built fortifications are acceptable so long as the dimensions match and it is obvious what it is supposed to ‘count as’.

c)      A desert world – think Dune – populated by large tank eating monsters – the entire board is difficult terrain, no buildings and a chance for a monster to randomly attack non-flying, non-skimming units.

d)     An Ice World – Think Hoth… minimal buildings, maybe some trenches.

e)      A blasted cityscape – Buildings far enough apart to drive two Rhinos abreast. Buildings are ‘ruins’

f)       An urban sprawl – Downtown Manhattan – buildings are NOT destroyed so you won’t be able to draw a line through them – think fighting over time square.

g)      Jungles, including death worlds with man-eating flora and fauna.

h)      Lava worlds with rivers of ‘if you land in this, you die’

i)        Swamps – Think Dagobah

j)        Tomb Worlds -

k)      The Hall of Pillars -

l)        Tau Settlement – Lots of low buildings

m)    Just as there will be a variety of Terrain/Worlds – there will be a variety of Scenarios drawn from almost 15 years of source material.

i)         We will be starting with the ‘standard’ scenarios in the core rule book so familiarize yourself with those again.

ii)       Scenarios will also be drawn from older core rule-books, codex’s and custom scenarios with unique objectives offering Warlords new challenges.

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