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Board to Death at Tate’s

Introducing a new event at TATE’S… Board to Death!
Free and fun for you! Bring all your favorite friends and family!
We hope to do this as a semi-regular event, so please come and show your support! :-) Learn some new games!

We will provide guided introduction to three different & truly epic-fun board games!

This event will be focused on:
• Arkham Horror
• Betrayal at House on the Hill
• Ghostbusters: The Board Game

Bonus! Complimentary snacks and juice boxes while supplies last! Raffle for $50 in Tate Bucks! One free entry ticket per participant!

These board games are geared towards older kids and adults. If you bring little ones, we do have some other age-appropriate games available for them to play also!


Sunday July 21th - APOCALYPSE -

Due to the popularity of this event, Doors will open at 10:00am and remain open until 7:00pm. Thats nine hours of pure, unadulterated, battle bliss. Get your armies ready and strategies made, Apocalypse is the Warhammer event of the season.
This is where the lists will climb to 2,500 points per person and Force Charts go out the window. Expect to see Super Heavies, Titans and everything else fighting across 2, even 3 linked battle zones covering over 50 Square Feet of tabletop!

For more information please call us at: 954-742-5141


June 2013 Game of the Month: Telestrations

Remember the old school game of “telephone?”

Telestrations is that much better! A word is passed from one player to another, As the word is passed players sketch the word as they interpret it. The word you start out with, isn’t always the word you end up with. Hilarity ensues!

Telestrations is a fun, easy to learn, party game that has won awards such as “Golden Geek Winner 2010″  and  ”2011 Game of the Year.” It has been featured on the “Today Show” and “ABC World News.” Anyone who can read and write can play, and its ideally played with a group of 6-8 people.

Our Game of the Month, games are always free to play and can be taught in just a few minutes. Come by anytime!



Family Saturdays at TATE’S!

Every Saturday from 10:30 am - 2:00 pm  We invite families to the store to play family friendly games, To join and compete in Yu-Gi-Oh (14 and under Duelist Leagues) Play Pokemon, Try out our family friendly board games and join in a special 14 and under Dungeons and Dragons Campaign.  Saturdays at TATE’S Gaming Satellite is all about kids and families, We demo games all day that are kid friendly and geared for ages 14 and under. Our staff is more then happy to set your family up with demo game of your choice and even teach you how to play!  Beginners are welcome to all of our games and events. 


Family Saturdays Event Schedule

10:30 am: Pokemon League (All Ages)

11:00 Family Friendly Board Games

11:30: Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Leagues (14-under)

1:00: Dungeons and Dragons Junior Campaign ( Families Welcome! Starts May 11th )

2:00: Family Friendly Board Games


Upcoming Events

February 2, 2018
February 9, 2018
February 11, 2018
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February 22, 2018
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February 24, 2018
Pokemon League
at 11:00 am
February 24, 2018
February 25, 2018
February 25, 2018

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