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From all of us here at Tate’s Comics, you stay classy South Florida!

This just in, it's kind of a big deal! The most awesome action figures to ever surface, Ron Burgundy Anchorman action figures of course! [...]

December 10, 2013 New Stuff, Recent Fun

Godzilla Official Trailer


December 10, 2013 Recent Fun


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer is here and wow….WOW!!! Check out all the Thwiptacular action in the trailer below and let us know what you think! [...]

December 5, 2013 Recent Fun

TATE’S North is open for business!

So…. a little birdie told us that TATE’S North location in Boynton is going to be open today at 1pm.  *Our guys and gals are still working really hard on the store and we hope to be at full steam [...]

November 25, 2013 Recent Fun

The Day of the Doctor!

So many fantastic Whovians are in the house today! We are celebrating until we close tonight at 9!  This lil Dalek is taking over our store!!!! EXTERMINATE!! EXTERMINATE!  Someone call the Doctor! [...]

November 23, 2013 Recent Fun

Book Fair Recap

ITS THAT TIME OF OF YEAR AGAIN!! That’s right it’s time for The Miami Book fair!! We of course will be there as always rocking the comics and all the fun and you guys should come visit us! Why? I [...]

November 23, 2013 New Stuff, Recent Fun

Golden Age of Superheroes

Tate brought Paul Pope over to check out the Young At Art Museum current Golden Age of Superheroes exhibit on Wednesday! He was impressed with all the original art and comics they had on display and you will be too! More info on the [...]

November 21, 2013 Recent Fun

FREE Fart Bombs for everyone!

Use them only for the power of laughs though... no EVIL! [...]

November 20, 2013 Recent Fun

Jump From Paper…

These new Jump From Paper bags will definitely boggle your mind and please you with their surprisingly ample storage space. Make the jump….From Paper! [...]

November 18, 2013 New Stuff, Recent Fun

This is just what you’ve been waiting for!

Our annual 'Black Friday Weekend Coupon Clipping Madness Sale' is back! You can grab your very own super crazy savings filled coupon sheet right here... good all weekend 11/29, 11/30 and 12/1! Happy Thanksgiving, now get to holiday shoppin! [...]

November 18, 2013 Recent Fun