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Who We Are

Tate’s Comics, Inc. is an award winning, family-owned and operated business. We’ve been called a “Pop Culture Mecca” and “Geek-Culture Dynasty” by the press. Located in Lauderhill, Florida – just west of Ft. Lauderdale, about 30 to 40 minutes north of Miami and south of Palm Beach/Boca. The store is actually a pretty easy drive from just about anywhere in South Florida. Many tourists who visit make sure to tell us that they are happy to have made the trip and come back every time they visit South Florida! We even started a “TATE’S Visitors Map” to keep track of the wide range of places our customers visit from.

Our goal is to treat every customer who walks in our door the way we would like to be treated. If we do not have what you are looking for, we will do our best to try and hunt it down. We run the store as a customer friendly place for all types of people! We want you to feel welcome. We are always trying to improve our store’s appearance and bring in new stuff for our customers to enjoy! Every time you visit you will see something new, no doubt about it. We know that you have a choice regarding where you spend your hard earned money and we appreciate our customers. We really appreciate it when our customers let us know about their good (or not so good) experiences shopping with us, please take advantage of our email for this purpose! …and if you do have a bad experience, please let us know – we will address your concerns in a timely manner and likely lose some sleep over it. We truly do care!

Our 6,000 square foot store is extremely well stocked, shelves are literally overflowing with all those unusual, old, or rare toys that you’ve always wanted. Perhaps, there are even toys you had as a child that your mother threw out…! Regardless of your age or gender, TATE’S is filled with memories and fun for many people. You will have a great time looking at everything, there is so much to see! New merchandise comes in ALL the time too, so every trip to TATE’S will lead you on a new adventure into cool stuff!

While we are NOT what most folks would consider a ‘typical’ comic book store, TATE’S takes pride in our comic book stock. We have an enormous selection of back issue comics, thousands upon thousands of titles. The back issue bins take up nearly 1/3 of our floor space, so you can imagine! Also, look for our 3-drawer bin of bargain bundle comics, which collect a sequential run and are offered at a discounted prices. Newly released and recent comics run the entire length of the far wall (60 feet!) and are arranged alphabetically by title. TATE’S also offers a first class discount comic book subscription service for new comics, so you don’t have to worry about missing a title. We carry all the comic related merchandise you can think of, such as statues, T-shirts, toys and coffee table books. We also carry a large variety of independently published mini-comics from around the world. Archival supplies for your comic collection, such as bags & boards, Mylites, drawer boxes and comic display frames are available as well.

TATE’S is proudly home to the largest selection of vintage Star Wars figures, vehicles, books and more for sale anywhere in South Florida! And… remember those cool 3-3/4″ G.I. Joe’s that you had as a kid? Well, Snake Eyes and the gang are all nestled on the shelves; as well as Transformers, the newest McFarlane figures, Star Trek (past and present) and more and more and more!

TATE’s had been selling and renting Japanese Animation since the early nineties and at one point had over 8,000 rare and hard to find titles available for rent. The rental section included hard-to-find cult videos, bizarre horror films, TV Shows, twisted animation, and retro cartoons (such as Transformers and Thundercats). Our goal was to supply South Florida with videos it couldn’t find anywhere else. Sadly, interest in renting videos from a physical local shop decreased year by year and in April of 2010, we had to acknowledge that times had changed and stop renting videos altogether. Knowing when to evolve is one of the things that has kept us going strong all these years. We do still SELL many Japanese Anime titles though!

We also carry a wide variety of Japanese Comics (manga), Japanese Hobby Magazines, Japanese Photo and Art Books, Japanese Music CDs and Japanese Import Toys! Our large Japanese Snack wall is chock full of bizarre and delicious treats… We of course have Ramune Soda and MANY different types of Pocky, plus a lot more! Fresh Japanese Snacks come in all the time, cold off a truck from NYC. We also hold annual free Japanese Snack Tastings that have been become a fun tradition for folks to try new and interesting things.

TATE’S has a dedicated section to budding (& accomplished) artists, which features a plethora of ‘How to Draw’ and reference books, Comic Book Specialty Drawing Paper, Japanese Imported Screen Tones, Markers and Pens. Art supplies you won’t find anywhere else in South Florida! We also hold twice yearly art shows in our gallery that are open for participation by all South Florida artists.

All the most unique and fascinating books focusing on pop culture, ‘lowbrow’ artists, sideshow history, fashion, fantasy art, movies and more are hand picked for you at TATE’S. We pride ourselves in presenting interesting books on our bookshelves! You can also pick up some inexpensive and funny novelty items, magnets, stickers, buttons, t-shirts, posters and designer plush dolls while you’re here! TATE’S offers a large selection of Vinyl / Designer Toys, from Kid Robot’s latest offerings to releases from the smaller and more unusual companies!

We truly try our darndest to bring the most interesting and hard-to-find merchandise into our store, we hope you will come visit us soon!

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Also, we wanted to mention that all well-behaved pets are welcome at TATE’S! Dogs always love when they get to actually come INSIDE with you when you go shopping. 🙂


Store Birth Date: March 28, 1993

Main Headquarters Location: 4566 North University Drive; Lauderhill, Florida 33351 Main Headquarters Phone: 954-748-0181

North Store Location: 801 N. Congress Ave. #604; Boynton Beach, Florida 33426 North Store Phone: 561-742-5440

Proprietor: Tate Ottati

All General Inquiries: address_emailusat

For Subscription Changes/Cancellations: address_subsat

For Gallery Related Inquiries: address_amandaatbb

For Gaming Relates Inquiries: address_contactatgaming


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