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THWIP!! Hey all you WebHeads! It’s Ultimate Spiderman Sunday!!!

October 6, 2013 Recent Fun


Come in for the Ultimate in spectacular experiences today as we will be playing the all-new “Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man” two-part Halloween special all day! Sent to us by Marvel Entertainment, just to share with you all! More about the special over on Marvel.com

Witness the Amazing Spider Mans team up with Blade and the Howling Commandos… there is even a special appearance by The Man-Thing himself!!

Fear not true believers for you an get in on the fun as well. Just come in and give us YOUR best Spidey pose and we will reward you with some free and awesome webby swag! All day, while supplies last… come on down and see us at TATE’S Comics, your friendly neighborhood comic shop! Check out the new Spectacular Ultimate SpiderMan Halloween Special and score some goodies too!






Just a few customers getting in on the Spider-Man posing fun!


SpidermanHowlingCommandosScreenPreview_007 SpidermanHowlingCommandosScreenPreview_006 SpidermanHowlingCommandosScreenPreview_005 SpidermanHowlingCommandosScreenPreview_004 SpidermanHowlingCommandosScreenPreview_003 SpidermanHowlingCommandosScreenPreview_002 SpidermanHowlingCommandosScreenPreview_001

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