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TATESUO Exclusive Print from Peter Santa-Maria

We are proud to announce an exclusive Akira-Inspired Tatesuo Block Print created by artist Peter Santa-Maria in honor of the year 2019, in which the classic anime manga and film is set. We at TATE’S are big fans of Akira and Otomo, so we have commissioned a few artists to create pieces in homage to the manga and film.

This design by Peter Santa-Maria will be released also as a hot hot hot looking multi-color T-shirt before the end of 2019! Keep an eye out for that one!

At the start of this year we released a shirt design featuring Rebel Kei, you can check that out here if you like. We have limited sizes left for our Rebel Kei shirt, but if you are interested in purchasing one, send us an email and we can see if we can make that happen for you! 🙂


Tatesuo Block Print  $60.00

Artist: Peter Santa-Maria @attackpeter

• Signed/Numbered Limited Edition of 50
• Hand-made linoleum block prints on Nepalese Lokta paper.
• Print Dimensions 15” x 20″

Shipping $10 via Priority Mail to the continental U.S.

In-Store Pickup Available!! If you are able to pick it up at our South Florida shop, then please note it at checkout and we will refund the shipping cost!

International Shipping: If you need this print to be shipped outside of the continental U.S., please note that you will receive an invoice for the additional shipping cost.

-Purchase In-Store only-

Please note that due to the handmade nature of both the prints and the paper, no two prints will be exactly alike. Natural variations will occur, but these variations only add to the unique charm and value of this type of print. You will be pleased. 🙂


This print is now available and will ship within a few days of your order.


Tatesuo Limited Edition hand-made linoleum block prints on Nepalese Lokta paper.



Each print is a hand numbered edition of 50.



Hand signed too! Look there is Peter’s actual hand… signing it!



Detail of print quality can be seen here. They really have a lovely texture to them.

Any questions, just email and ask!