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Just after getting the keys on August 4, 2013.

Big news (if you haven’t already heard)… we have opened a second location!

The address: 801 N. Congress Ave. #604 • Boynton Beach, FL 33426
Phone #: (561) 742-5440 | Directions

We are now open! Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm and Sunday 11am-6pm

The new store is located about 35 minutes north of our current “TATE’S Main Headquarters”, it is directly across from the Cinemark Boynton Beach and adjacent to the Boynton Beach Mall.
It is located right next door to TooJay’s Original Gourmet Deli.

Answers to a couple FAQs:

• TATE’S North is not actually IN the mall. It is part of the mall, but outside of it. You will not have to go inside of the mall to enter our store.

• It will not be a clone of the store you know and love… Think of TATE’S North as a ‘convenience store’ and the main store as a ‘supermarket’. This new location is smaller and will always have a more limited selection of items than TATE’S main headquarters!

• We will not have space for tabletop gaming, but we will have a section for gaming product/supplies.

• We may open a store in Dade (at some point in the future) if this one goes well, we’ve heard from many of you that you really want a TATE’S SOUTH! But, there are no plans on the horizon for it at this time.

• We are not currently hiring for any new locations, but if you want to send us an email we will send you an application you can fill out.

• Um, any other questions, please feel free to email us with them!

We will post details and info as we have it, to facebook and here on our website. It doesn’t hurt to sign up for our mailing list too if you don’t want to miss out on anything!



If you drive over to check out the new store, at this point all you will see it blacked out windows and these two signs.

We aren’t going to post any work in progress photos, but after its all done we will put together a little gallery and video. So many people are working really hard to make this come together, there are just not enough hours in the day and things (of course) always take twice as long as you anticipate. The ball is rolling along though… we will post some bits of progress info here in case you are curious!

Week of 8/5/13: Demolition of this weird center office is started. Old carpet torn up and removed. New wall to back room is built.

Week of 8/12/13: Walls painted from the dark navy blue and yellow that was there previously. Happy to be able to hire a long time customer, Darren Marsh, to do the job.

Week of 8/19/13: Electrician installing new ceiling light fixtures and removing tons of unneeded outlets. The space used to be an arcade, so there are outlets EVERYWHERE!

Week of 9/2/13: Started build up of register/front counter area.

Week of 9/9/13: Started fabrication of the slat wall frames.

Week of 9/16/13: The new floor is finally being laid down this week. The color we chose was backordered, so it took an extra couple weeks to arrive, but looking good so far!

Week of 9/23/13: The floor is down and looking might fine! Much of our frames for the slatwall are built and painted and new store fixtures being brought over and assembled. There are aisles now forming and it is starting to look like a retail store! Also, we have finally started bringing over some merchandise.

Week of 9/30/13: Finalizing the layout of some of the fixtures and working with the city of Boynton Beach on retail permits etc. Dealing with the mall corporate offices and the city is taking MUCH longer than anticipated. It is taking as long as 30+ days for the corporate offices of the mall to reply to us! Trying to get approved for our exterior sign is like pulling teeth!

Week of 10/7/13: Attempted to setup the phones and internet and ton of problems with AT&T, they can’t find the line that goes into our bay and want to rerun it from the main box… this is gonna take MORE TIME! Started to move boxes of inventory into the space… and also getting ready for the big tent sale next weekend! Not enough hours in the day.

Week of 10/14/13: Still trying to get the phones and internet setup! Like pulling teeth… after they didn’t show for the 2nd attempt on their part to set it up, we got the higher ups on the case and they figured out someone had done some major paperwork screw up. It’s all done now finally and we have the new phone number! Calling it is pointless right now though since there is literally no phone in there yet! More preparation for incoming fixtures next week…. and lots of prep for our big tent sale taking up all our time! Next week we will see fast progress for sure! A number of holdups with the city and mall are holding us back still too.

Week of 10/28/13: The back issue bins and fancy new comic wall, from a local cabinet maker (and customer) were delivered and installed. List was made of things that still need to be done! Locations of different store “sections” was decided and MORE stuff added to the to do list. Window display pieces being created and assembled. Measurements taken for various signage.

Week of 11/4/13: Glass for showcases are being trucked over and more merchandise! Coming along…

Week of 11/11/13: Shelves are being stocked with toys and books! Starting to look like a real store. We had to order a ton more hooks and shelves! Still a ways to go, but progress is great!

Week of 11/18/13: More stocking of the shelves, cleaning of the store, looking mighty fine! Closer, closer… announcement coming soon!

Thursday, 11/22/13: All inspections passed! We are cleared to open from the City of Boynton Beach!

Monday, 11/25/13: Open for business at 1pm today! Still a work in progress, but the open sign is ON. [pic]

Just sent the TATE'S North business card to the printer!

Just sent the TATE’S North business card to the printer!


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