“This entire box of Cute But Deadly series is filled with Overwatch cuties and baddies. is always big pimpin’ like a boss! I need all of them. Side note – Go Outlaws! =]” – Jo

Overwatch Edition Cute But Deadly Blind Box Figure by Blizzard Entertainment.
Each blind box has 1 “one” random figure from Overwatch.
These figures are highly detailed and are the best mini vinyl figures out on the market!

The Overwatch Characters from this series include: GENJI , REAPER , MCCREE , D.VA , SOMBRA , LUCIO , ZARA , HANZO , SOLDIER 76 BONE , JACKAL PHARAH , SPORTY TRACER , OMNIC CRISIS BASTION & A MYSTERY CHASE VARIANT! Try and collect them all!!

Available now at our Lauderhill “Main” location.

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