“These are so squishy and soft. Don’t be buggin’, always huggin’! ” – Anthony

From Capcom. Felynes are usually found doing all sorts of important things in the villages of Monster Hunter, but this one has evidently been slacking off! Nevermind, his new job is cheering you up with his fluffy roundness. Measuring an adorable 19 3/4″, there is plenty of Felyne here for you to love.

Rumor has it that Rathalos are ruthless birds of prey just waiting to swoop down and knock you out, but this guy is about to drop a cute bomb on you with his adorably angry expressions! Soft, fluffy, and round but still kind of angry looking, this adorably angry plush stands only 5 1/2″ tall in the small version or 19 3/4″ in its large version, so it’s the perfect plush companion!

Nargacugas and Pugi and Airou too!

Available now at our Lauderhill “Main” location.


This week’s notable new comics! 12/20/17 release.
This week’s notable new comics! 12/27/17 release.

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