“Do you have a whole lot of love for Dragonball, but don’t have a whole lot of space? Then these FigPin Minis are for you. They lowered the size and price without lowering the attention to detail that they are known for. Plus, I can finally have my favorite Park Ranger/Universe Savior with me wherever I go.” – Brian

From CMD Collectibles.
Feel the power of the Dragon Balls with the FiGPiN Mini Dragonball Super collection, with each character brought to life for these 2″ tall hard enamel FiGPiNs with amazing detail!
Each FiGPiN can stand up with the signature FiGPiN rubber backer stand and comes displayed in front of a collectible backer card inside the ultra-collectible FiGPiN clear protector case.
Choose from Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta, Android 17, Beerus, Whis, Ultra Instinct Goku, and Golden Frieza.

Available now at our Lauderhill “Main” location.


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This week’s notable new comics! 1/9/19 release.

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