“KAIJU KITTIES! MMMEEEOOOWWWRRRAAAA! Ruuun…..wait, but they are so cute….AHHHH ….the cuteness is killing us!!!! =]” – Jo

Part cat, part kaiju, and all cute, the Kaiju Kitties are here! One of the first ever sighted Kaiju Kitties, Boomu (8″ tall) was hatched deep within the rocks of the Dewclaw Mountain; scared of lightning, he loves to eat entire gummi worm factories.

Twin sisters who hatched high up in giant trees of the Tabico Forest, Kimbap and Gimbap (11″ tall) are best friends, but always fight over their two favorite foods: anchovy pizza and mango mochi.

Kokomori (6 5/8″ tall) is a nocturnal kaiju kitty who lives in the ancient Catnip Coves who loves to snooze on skyscrapers and can shoot purr blasts from his power gems.

Megakani (7″ tall) lives in the Katsubushi Sea where she uses coral reefs as scratch pads and her pinchers to catch the largest, most legendary fish in the seas!

PangPang (11″ tall) is the largest of the kaiju kitties; people thought he was an island until the smell of cheeseburgers awoke him from his slumber.

Each plush Kaiji Kitty comes with a collectible hangtag biography card. Collect all 5!

Available now at our Lauderhill “Main” location.

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