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Power Rangers 20th Year Anniversary

August 28, 2013 Recent Fun

On this day 20 years ago an Evil Alien witch escaped her imprisonment on the Moon and began her hellish crusade for galactic domination.
AAAAND OOOON THIS DAY!!! A time trapped Eltarian by the name of Zordon along with his robot Companion Alpha, the 5th in a series recruited a team of teenagers. This was no ordinary team of teenagers for they had Attitude!
And this began the cycle all those years ago of The Power Rangers giving Rita headache after headache.

That’s right it’s here!! And as you can see we already have some Rangers fighting over the goods. Stop by and see us we will be watching Power Rangers/ Super Sentai all day and if you are in costume you will get 10% off!! Lets make this 20th one to remember!!


JC Alcantara one of the Illustrators of Power Rangers Art work and Prop Maker of many of the helmets and costumes, stopped in to share the 20th Anniversary of Power Rangers with us! =]


Had some Awesome kid in here dressed as his fave ranger Samurai Red!!! Even 20 years later the kids love Power Rangers!


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