Up first: some Amazing Spiderman. 122 Death of the Green Goblin, 129 1st app Punisher, and of course 300.


….. Hulk 2, 1st app of the Falcon, Golden Age Captain America 42 (1944) ……


Iron Fist 14 (1st app Sabre Tooth), Hulk 180 & 181 1st apps Wolverine (2 copies of each !!), New Mutants 98 1st app Deadpool (2 cpoies. Otherbone came in after pic)….. Wait, there’s still more….


Boy, do we love #1 and 1st appearances: Ironman 1, Giant size Xmen 1 and Fantastic Four 48 intro and 1st app of Silver Surfer (and some dude named Galactus)…. More coming as we get them priced and out ~#6


— Kadeisha

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