Hello to all you jolly elves looking for the perfect thoughtful gift to give all the best and coolest people on your list! We asked our diverse staff to choose a few items they felt would make great gifts this year. They searched high and low all over our store and came up with a crazy fantastic list for you guys! Check back here each week for more staff picks! Please remember, there is no guarantee that any of these items will be in stock if you wait until the last minute to shop, so don’t delay folks! You can always call or email us before you come in, if you want to double check on a specific item… but we have a huge store full of great stuff – so even if this one specific thing is not available – you are sure to find something else! Or hey get them a sweeeet TATE’S a gift certificate!

We also want to thank you most sincerely for supporting our small business! The store may be huge, but we are still family owned and operated! Every gift you buy this holiday season from us helps keep South Florida from becoming a vast soulless wasteland of terrible chain stores! Yay for you!

YesWeDoHaveGiftCerts2_GIFGift certificates are always available in any amount at our registers. We will include a cute little envelope, a blank to/from card and some über fancy stickers also. If you simply live too far from South Florida or are just too busy to stop in… You CAN order gift certificates online – we will snail mail those to you ASAP after getting the order notification!

Keep in mind TATE’S is NOT an online store, please do not email us asking to ship any of the items on this list. We just can’t do it.
The only online retail we do on a regular basis is through our ebay auctions. But check them out… you just might find something perfect there!


Great gift picks from Anna!

1) Bibliophile Ceramic Vase
For any book lovers who want to add some flair to their life, these Bibliophile Ceramic Vases are great for flowers, kitchen tools, pens, quills, and more!

2) The Art and Flair of Mary Blair
Mary Blair was one of Walt Disney’s favorite artist, with good reason. The Art and Flair of Mary Blair is a wonderful celebration of her works such as Cinderella, Peter Pan and the “It’s A Small World” ride (just to name a few).

3) Pusheen Lion
Pusheen isn’t just a cat anymore! This Pusheen Lion is super soft, and the little mane and tail tip are straight up adorable!

4) My Neighbor Totoro Among Clovers Tote Bag
This small My Neighbor Totoro Among Clovers Tote Bag is perfect when you need to run a quick errand or to use as an everyday purse!



Great gift picks from Teri!

1) Smash Up
For people who love cross over episodes, Smash Up is perfect! Mix the Alien deck with the Pirates, Dinosaurs, or Zombies for a fun game of smashing bases for points.

2) Codenames
Figure out who would be the best secret agent with the game Codenames, where you try to guess words of the right color, while avoiding assassins!

3) Magic the Gathering Gift Pack
For the Magic the Gathering fan who already seems to have everything, the Magic the Gathering Gift Pack has packs, lands, a spindown life counter and 2 premium creature cards!

4) Boss Monster
Sure, in most games you get to play the hero who defeats the evil boss and save the town from doom, but in Boss Monster you get to BE the boss who defeats all the dumb, weak heroes trying to get through your dungeon!



Great gift picks from Katelyn!

1) Hotel Keytags
Fun Fact: My first event working at TATE’S, the store ate my car keys. For real. It’s been like 8 years and they still have never been found. These Hotel Keytags are awesome because they make it so much harder for my keys to get lost without weighing them down. I have these attached to a few of my USB memory sticks as well, so they are just that much harder to lose.

2) Nancy Drew Comics (Dynamite)
Growing up I wanted to be Nancy Drew. That didn’t end up working out but I still loving reading anything to do with her every chance I get, and I really enjoy this take on my favorite sleuth.

3) Golden Girls Forever: An Unauthorized Look Behind the Lanai
Most days I feel like a Dorothy but honestly, I can’t pick my favorite Golden Girl. I used to watch it with my sister growing up and I love just looking through this book and seeing all the behind-the-scenes stories and photos.

4) Superman: American Alien
I’m a HUGE Superman fan and Superman: American Alien is probably tied with Red Son as my favorite Superman graphic novel!



Great gift picks from Kathy!

1) Graphic Freud: Hysteria
Hysteria follows the early career of Sigmund Freud and his contemporaries developing ideas that would transform the intellectual landscape of the Western world. Plus, that cover, you know it make you just want to take it off the shelf and read it.

2) Alice Scott: Dapper Dachshund Porcelain Tray
Dachshund are just the cutest dogs and this dapper fella is perfect for all my knick-knacks!

3) The Universe Journal
This journal reproduces the cover of the sciences from 1870 called ‘The Universe: Or, the Infinitely Great and the Infinitely Little’ and that cover is probably my favorite of all the journals we have (and that’s saying something since we have a lot).

4) Dog Tail Click Gel Pen
These pens have a wonderfully precise tip and ink that doesn’t smudge, or bleed through journal pages! Plus, they’re dogs that you click their tails, what’s not to love?



Great gift picks from Vince!

1) Keshi Surprise Blind Boxes
An awesome throwback to Kinnikuman Figures (also known as M.U.S.C.L.E.in the states). This time around these Keshi Surprise Blind Boxes are filled with your favorite characters from Transformers and She-Ra!

2) Flip Folded Apartment 150
Want to make your figure displays pop? We have plenty of different Flip Folded Apartment 150 scenes available to create many different scenes.

3) Robert Crumb: Sketchbook, Vol. 1
A great entryway into the minds of one of the most well-known underground comic artists Robert Crumb! Robert Crumb: Sketchbook, Vol. 1 is one of MANY underground artist’s work we carry in the store.

4) Star Wars IG-88 Statue by Kotobukiya
Admiral Piett may think “Bounty Hunters. We don’t need their scum” but I disagree, we totally do! This IG-88 is dope and comes with part of a build-a-figure Boba Fett.



Great gift picks from Dillon!

1) Exploding Kittens Party Pack
For anyone who loves kittens and RNG, Exploding Kittens Party Pack is perfect! This collection has cards from several of the previous Exploding Kittens games so is perfect for anyone who has never played before.

2) King of Tokyo
Who doesn’t wish they were a giant mutant being destroying Tokyo after a bad day? King of Tokyo lets you do just that! Plus, it was designed by Richard Garfield (the creator of Magic the Gathering).

3) Guilds of Ravnica Guild Kits
Perfect for any Magic the Gathering fan, these Guilds of Ravnica Guild Kits not only have an awesome themed deck inside, but a totally dope pin!

4) Betrayal at House on the Hill
Betrayal at House on the Hill is great for the group of gamers in your life, according to any of the new solitaire cash reviews. This game has you build your own haunted house as you encounter spirits and horrors, especially with its first expansion Widow’s Walk.

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Great gift picks from Jay!

1) Love Letter
In a game with only 16 cards and an average round time of 3 minutes you might think Love Letter is a simple game, but it is far from that. You play as someone trying to get as close to the princess as possible to gain her favor, but it is impossible to play just one game once you start.

2) Munchkin Quest
Munchkin Quest should also be known as ‘The Quest to Lose All Your Friends’ but that was probably too long of a title. You kill monsters, loot treasures, and stab your best friends on the way to Level 10, where you can hopefully get out alive.

3) HeroClix
These things can be little figures for a collector or used to play a fun game! There are so many kinds of HeroClix too: Marvel, DC, TMNT, MtG and more!

4) Magic: The Gathering Guilds of Ravnica Bundle
If you want to give someone all the fun of opening packs without buying them a whole box a Magic: The Gathering Guilds of Ravnica Bundle comes with 10 packs and enough land to make several decks.



Great gift picks from Prime!

1) Dragon Ball Super S.H.Figuarts Master Roshi
He is naturally bald, like a turtle, and he needs you to speak up cause he’s not wearing any pants. This Master Roshi figure looks great in any Dragon Ball collection and fits in any fans collection.

2) Uncanny X-Men (2018) #1
This comic is the kick off to a 10-week epic with mystery, disappearances, and an adventure no X-Men fan will want to miss!

3) The Complete Art of Fullmetal Alchemist Hardcover
Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the greatest manga of all time and this art book is amazing!

4) Marvel Hela Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys
“I am Hela. Odin’s firstborn. Commander of the legions of Asgard. The rightful heir to the throne and the Goddess of Death.” This figure perfectly captures Hela from Thor: Ragnarok, not only with her look but her sass.



Great gift picks from Wolfie, Age 6!

1) Power Rangers Lunchbox
I think this lunchbox is so cool because I can keep my Power Rangers toys inside and carry it around.

2) Sticker Bomb Space and Aliens Stickers
I like these stickers, they are so funny. I want to stick them everywhere. You get a lot in this pack too.

3) Drake Dragon Plush from Jellycat
This guy is so cute and soft! I love him! And he is big too, so my other toys can ride on him.

4) Pokémon Trainer Kit
This toy is awesome. I really want to get this for a present. I have been watching all of the Pokémon cartoons on Netflix and this toy looks so fun



Great gift picks from Tate!

1) Chocolate and Licorice
Taza Mexican Stone Ground Chocolate and RJ’s Licorice from New Zealand are two of Tate’s favorite treats, so much so that he created a special section in the store for them!

2) Valerian Graphic Novels
Don’t let the movie fool you, these Valerian Graphic Novels are excellent!

3) John Lennon: Imagine, Sixth Scale Figure by Molecule8
Taken from us too soon, this John Lennon figure is a must have for any fan of the Beatles, or John Lennon.

4) Life-Size Hulk
Let’s be real, who wouldn’t want this in their living room? The Hulk and a nice rug would really tie the whole room together.



Great gift picks from Anthony!

1) Sideshow Collectibles Obi-Wan Kenobi Mythos 1/6 Scale Figure
One can never have too much Obi-Wan in their life, plus it’s cool to see a figure about a time in Star Wars we don’t often get to see!

2) Akira 35th Anniversary Manga Box Set
The Akira Manga Box Set is the best way to pretend to live in Neo Tokyo and witness the insanity within.

3) The Cosplay Section
We have all the coolest cosplay supplies to make the coolest costumes in town!

4) Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Pops
What better way to explore the Multiverse than with ALL these Spider-Man Pops.



Great gift picks from Alex!

1) Batman: The Animated Series Killer Croc Bust
I love the Batman Animated Series and this Killer Croc Statue is one of my favorites. He almost got Batman once with a rock. It was a big rock.

2) Superior Spider-Man: The Complete Collection Vol. 1
With everything Spider-Man that’s come out and will come out this year this book is a must read. Doc Ock has taken over Peter’s body and has become the Superior Spider-Man.

3) A Christmas Story: Old Man and Ralphie Retro Action Figure Set
You’ll be safe from Black Bart and the Bumpus’ dogs with these A Christmas Story action figures this holiday season.

4) Funko Pop Star Wars: Holiday Darth Vader with Candy Cane
The perfect gift for any Sith Lord who loves Christmas. (Vader is holding a candy cane! How can you not love that?!)



Great gift picks from Nakia!

1) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Creating a Champion Book
This is the ultimate companion to the best Nintendo Switch Game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild AND includes material from its DLC packs.

2) The Art of Overwatch Limited Edition Hardcover Book
This is the best thing since I heard that Solider 76 finally got his buff! This book has all the characters up to Orisa and the Limited-Edition version comes with 3 prints!

3) DC Comics: Anatomy of a Metahuman
A must has for any DC fan, the way they write makes it seem like they’re writing about real metahumans!

4) Buffy the Vampire Slayer Encyclopedia
This book is here to Slay! This has so much info from the television show, the comics, and Angel.



Great gift picks from Donna!

1) Figuarts Zero Chouette Sailor Moon Moon Crystal Power, Make Up 9.8-Inch Statue
There’s no way you can stare at this Sailor Moon Crystal Power Make Up Figure without actual heart emojis forming over your eyes. It’s. So. Beautiful.

2) Totoro Grey Backpack, 15.5″
This Totoro Backpack is perfect as a replacement purse, and for getting the Totoro theme song stuck in your head.

3) Harry Potter’s Wizard Training Wands
Being a wizard would be awesome (other than the whole ‘Lord Voldemort trying to kill you’ thing) and these Harry Potter wands are perfect for anyone who is still upset they didn’t get their Hogwarts letter.

4) Sailor Moon Proplica Sailor Chibi Moon Prism Heart Compact
This Prism Heart Compact is sooo cute, lights up and makes sound! Perfect for any Sailor Moon fan who may want to act out Chibiusa’d transformation on the show, (don’t lie, we’ve all done it before).[textline]


Great gift picks from Luis!

1) The Wes Anderson Collection: Isle of Dogs Book
The Wes Anderson Collection: Isle of Dogs has so much behind-the-scene content that any Wes Anderson fan won’t want to put down.

2) SAGA Hazel & Izabel Action Figure 2-Pack
The long hiatus that SAGA in on at the moment hurts a little less when I look at these Hazel & Izabel figures. The fact that they also included Ponk Konk is a simple touch that makes me so happy.

3) Smiski Glow in the Dark Blind Box Series
These little glow-in-the-dark Smiski figures come in a bunch of different series and poses so they are perfect for hiding around your house! And they GLOW!

4) Star Trek Plates
Whether you watched original Star Trek, or The Next Generation there is a plate with your favorite character’s face on it. It was hard to choose between Data and Picard, but I had to go with Picard.



Great gift picks from Rosemary (age 8)!

1) Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls
I think this is a great gift because it explains to girls how you can be whatever you want to be. I like to read the stories and the pictures are good too. You will love it.

2) Scratch and Sketch Dragons and Mythical Creatures
These books are all really awesome! You take a wooden pointy stick and scratch off this black stuff to make cool patterns, color and reveal pictures. This one is all about mythical creatures like Medusa, Hydra and dragons!

3) Iwako Japanese Puzzle Erasers
There are so many different ones like penguins, unicorns, pandas, ice cream, doughnuts, hamsters, lil birds in eggs, macarons, lucky cats and so much more. You can take them apart and erase with them too! They are fun to play with, you can pretend like you’re making food for your dolls and other stuff.

4) Percy Penguin from Jellycat
This baby penguin from the premium UK plush brand Jellycat is so so very soft and just the right size for hugging! I want one for myself too, it is so cute!



Great gift picks from Amanda!

1) Night Bloom Zoe Apron
This apron makes you feel super cute while you’re wearing it and it’s functional too! Really a thoughtful gift that they will cherish for many years to come.

2) Bottle Beetle
This shiny golden stag beetle looks like a fancy trophy from a video game, but it’s actually a heavyweight and fully functional bottle opener. Looks pretty amazing sitting on your counter. A must have!

3) Keep It Weird Mug
It has a beak like a duck, but it’s furry! Proclaim your weirdness with pride via a handy mug! We are all a little weird at least, so this mug is perfect for EVERYONE who shops at TATE’S!

4) The Daily Mood
This is literally the perfect gift for almost anyone you work with. Or anyone in your family. Well, at least any of the cool ones! They can use this “mood flip chart” to warn others about their innermost feelings without saying a word. That my friend is power!



Great gift picks from Brian!

1) Bandai Hobby Figure-Rise Gundam Build Divers Diver Nami Model Kit
This neat Diver Nami Model kit is from “Gundam Build Divers,” and comes with a bunch of optional parts to make her your own.

2) Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Bring Arts the Luminary Action Figure
This figure of The Luminary from Dragon Quest XI is not only great by itself, but it comes with a little Spirit of Lost Time! How can you say no to that?

3) Figuarts ZERO Mickey Mouse 1920s PVC Figure
This 1920s Mickey Mouse is great for any classic Disney fans and is one in a line of Mickeys released for his 90th birthday.

4) Amulet Book Series
Amulet is a fantastic graphic novel series that is good for kids and adults and a perfect ‘first graphic novel’ for anyone in your life.



Great gift picks from Davie!

1) Funko POP! Marvel: Animated Spider-Man Noir
This Spider-Man Noir Funko Pop is perfect for anyone excited for the upcoming “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” movie.

2) Funko Plush: Rick & Morty – 12″ Snowball with Sound
Snowball is so fluffy, and IT TRIES TO TALK LIKE A PERSON!

3) Thor Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Avengers: Infinity War – Movie Masterpiece Series
This is my favorite of all the Hot Toys that I’ve seen! The Avengers: Infinity War Thor figure has so much detail put into it not only in the figure but all his accessories.

4) Deadly Class Graphic Novels
Deadly Class is one of my favorite on-going titles by one of the best writers in the business. The art is also so mind-blowing!



Great gift picks from Tommy!

1) Dark Souls: The Board Game
For the Dark Souls lover, this board game is carefully crafted to simulate the intense gameplay of the video game by the same name. Create your own class of character and explore while bringing to life the beautifully crafted models made in the likeness of your favorite foes.

2) Pokemon Lost Thunder Elite Trainer Box
Do you know someone interested in Pokemon and aren’t sure where to start? These Pokemon Lost Thunder Elite Trainer boxes come with all the tools you need to start exploring the trading card game!

3) DC Deck Building Game
Whether you like deck-building or just love DC Comics, the DC Deck Building Game is one of the most entertaining games we have on our shelves! It’s an easy learn game that can be played competitively or cooperatively!

4) Bloodborne Card Game
Looking for an excuse to return to the Hunter’s Dream? The Bloodborne Card Game is a great way to get together and continuing slaying the horrors of Yharnam!



Great gift picks from Josh!

1) Skullkickers Treasure Trove Volume 1
For the person who loves stories about mercenaries killing monsters, searching for fame, and searching for adventure Skullkickers Treasure Trove Volume 1 will be perfect for them.

2) Marvel Geeki Tiki Captain America Mug
Whoever thought “Let’s take everything geeky and make them tiki” had the right idea! This Marvel Geeki Tiki Captain America Mug is great for drinking from, or an addition to any tiki collection.

3) Darth Vader Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys (Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back – Movie Masterpiece Series)
You may not know the power of the dark side, but this Darth Vader Figure by Hot Toys can be a great first step for anyone who is one with the force.

4) USS Enterprise 1701 D 30th Anniversary Bluetooth Speaker
The USS Enterprise 1701 D 30th Anniversary Bluetooth Speaker is not only a fantastic Bluetooth speaker, but also a white noise machine! Who doesn’t want to fall asleep to the sound of engines humming?!



Great gift picks from Serena!

1) Toy Machine Socks
Loyal Pawns, Fancy up your feet with the most comfortable and durable socks around. They’ve got their eye on you.

2) Bandai Neko Busou Cat Weapons Kits
In the case of a cat-astrophe these Bandai Neko Busou are purr-fect and can protect you from any mew-sery. Fur real!

3) 642 Tiny Things to Draw
I don’t want to draw any conclusions, but 642 Tiny Things to Draw would be great for anyone drawn to art but can’t think of what to sketch.

4) Mana-tea Infuser
The Mana-tea Infuser is just the cup of tea for anyone who wants to have a nice, slow, calm relaxing moment.



Great gift picks from Nicole!

1) Mirror, Black Mirror: Camille Rose Garcia
The artwork in Mirror, Black Mirror: Camille Rose Garcia is a beautiful mix of modernity and trying to reconnect with nature. This book would be awesome on anyone’s coffee table.

2) Lupin The 3rd PART5 Master Stars Piece III B: Lupin The 3rd
Lupin is the best thief in the work and this Lupin The 3rd PART5 Master Stars Piece III B: Lupin The 3rd figure can steal the attention of any fan of the series.

3) Froppy Heart Hard Enamel Pin
Any “My Hero Academia” fan who doesn’t love Froppy is wrong! This Froppy Heart Hard Enamel Pin is great for any Froppy fans whose heart haven’t hardened yet.

4) Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura Kinomoto Figma Figure
Everything will be alright if you get the “Cardcaptor Sakura” fan in your life this Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura Kinomoto Figma Figure!



Great gift picks from Zach!

1) Banpresto One Piece Story-Age Monkey. D. Luffy
It can be argued that One Piece is one of the best anime/manga of all time and this Banpresto One Piece Story-Age Monkey. D. Luffy figure shows snapshots of Luffy’s life that mean so much more than you know!

2) Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive Volume 1
For the Final Fantasy fan in your life that already has it all, the Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive Volume 1 is like the holy grail!

3) CHEW Omnivore Edition, Vol. 1
Imagine being able to find out who committed a murder by eating some of the corpse. Well that’s what Tony Chu must do in CHEW Omnivore Edition, Vol. 1!

4) Superman Jim Lee Blueline Edition Action Figure
This Superman Jim Lee Blueline Edition Action Figure looks just like a Jim Lee sketch jumped off the page at me!



Great gift picks from Jo!

1) Limited Edition Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia
This book has everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Super Mario games, but were afraid to ask about. Plus, the interior of the Limited Edition Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia special edition box is to die for!

2) Kaiju Kitties Plush
These Kaiju Kitties Plush are the definition of plush awesomeness. You can just imagine them destroying a city and you can’t even get mad at them!

3) Nendoroid Figures
If you love cute “chibi” style figures, then Nendoroids are for you! The Criminal from “Detective Conan” (#878) and Arale Norimaki from “Dr. SLUMP ARALE CHAN” (#900) are our current favorites but they’re all so cool.

4) Nyanboard Cat Figure Blind Box Series 2 & 3
Danboard + Cats = Blind box cats of cuteness. These Nyanboard Cat Figure Blind Box Series 2 & 3 are sooo good I want them all!



Great gift picks from Jean at TATE’S North!

1) Batman Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles
I look at this Batman 1/6 Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles every day when I get to work. It’s incredibly poseable with a cloth costume & cape, and plenty of accessories.

2) Absolute Batman: The Killing Joke
This legendary Batman story was a huge part of my life growing up and discovering just how much of an art form that comics can be. Absolute Batman: The Killing Joke comes with the script for the comic by Alan Moore along with original sketches by Brian Bollard.

3) Gladiator Hulk Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys
Just look at it! This Gladiator Hulk Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys is highly detailed and comes with weapons and facial expressions, all taken from the movie, even down to his silver body paint.

4) Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana: A Visual History
Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana: A Visual History is a beautiful book going over every important piece of art that has been made for D&D over the years. This is pretty much a must have for any table top RPG fan.



Great gift picks from our Gaming Satellite manager, Calfee!

1) For anyone who has been interested in trying out Dungeons & Dragons but doesn’t know where to begin we have the D&D 5th Edition Starter Set which includes everything a beginner needs!!

2) For any H.P Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos fan Arkham Horror is a fantastic board game that pits you against many different types of monsters as you try to make sure the Ancient One doesn’t take over!

3) If you want to introduce your friend or family member into the world of cardboard crack that is Magic: The Gathering get them one of these Guilds of Ravnica Planeswalker Decks! Each one comes with a beginner friendly deck, as well as a planeswalker and a couple of packs of them to try their luck with.

4) For the lone gamer or your favorite group, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords – Base Set is a game that has 1-4 heroes strike back against the evils plaguing Varisia!

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