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FREE Fart Bombs for everyone!

November 20, 2013 Recent Fun

HappyFartsgiving2013_mainsliderWe here at TATE’S recently received a donation in the form of a large amount of super premium FART BOMBS… so we decided to share them with all of you in celebration of Fartsgiving 2013! That’s right, everyone!! We are giving away actual Super Premium Fart Bombs starting NOW until we run out (and we have a lot to share) – so come on down to TATE’S Main Headquarters in Lauderhill or check out the spanking new TATE’S North in Boynton Beach before the holiday madness begins!

These lil suckers are a joke gag that will ACTUALLY make you gag! Activate the bag bomb and evacuate the area! Within 15 seconds the bag will blow and a truly disgusting stench will cause chaos.

Fartsgiving 2013 is sponsored by Sweets from Heaven in the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton. The absolute BEST sweet shop in town!

*One box of Super Premium Fart Bombs per person. No purchase necessary. TATE’S cannot be held responsible for any mayhem that you cause during your family holidays.
Don’t throw us under the bus! Blame the dog if things get ugly. Use your Super Premium Fart Bombs for the power of laughter and gross out humor and NOT EVIL.
…and whatever you do, never ever set off your Super Premium Fart Bombs in a Victoria’s Secret. It will get you banned from the mall! (Not joking. But LOL!)

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