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Three more full color shirts!

April 8, 2020 Recent Fun


Week two at the Fine Print x TATE’S Shirt Shoppe!

We’ve teamed up with Jordan from The Fine Print Shoppe to bring some full color shirt designs into the world! We will release two shirt designs each week (plus one for the Gaming Satellite) … the profits from the sales go to both Fine Print Shoppe and TATE’S, to help us have a tiny bit of cash flow during this endless nightmare. We will be kicking a some cash to the artists also, so getting a shirt will help a bunch of people! Jordan will be printing these “on demand” in his shoppe and mailing them directly to you anywhere in the world. Can you think of old designs that you’d like to see resurrected? Any wild & crazy new ideas? Just email us & share!

Shirts from the first week of orders went out yesterday… we’d love love love to see a photo of yours! Send it to us by email or tag us on instagram!

Check out the Fine Print x TATE’S Shirt Shoppe now!




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