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Bring the kids and enjoy some art and activities! Baby foxes! This Saturday!

January 27, 2016 Recent Fun

0116_FloralFrolic_frontFloral Frolic with Cari Corene & Amanda Coronado

Art Exhibition and Children’s Book Reading with Crafts!

Join us for a Lovely Afternoon Opening Reception!

Saturday, January 30, 2016 from 3-5pm

Event location: Bear and Bird Gallery inside/upstairs at
TATE’S Main Headquarters in Lauderhill

There is no cost to attend or participate in any of the fun stuff.

This exhibition features the original art of Cari and Amanda’s new children’s book “Floral Frolic” – about Queenie and Dawnsing, two fox friends who pick flowers together in a rainbow watercolor meadow! In addition to the artwork, Floral Frolic books and merchandise will be available.

  • Book reading and Q&A with the author and illustrator team of Floral Frolic at 3pm
  • Coloring Pages & Kid’s Art Gallery Wall
  • Make your own flower craft to take home.
  • Children’s vintage record listening party!
  • Balloons and Snacks for everyone to enjoy!

New Times Article

On exhibit: January 30 – March 19, 2016

Floral Frolic is a new young readers book, created and self-published by real life BFFs Cari Corene and Amanda Coronado. These two adorable, bubbly ladies have brought us a breathtaking, watercolor world. Two adorable baby foxes, Dawning and Queenie (also BFFs), engage in a friendly flower picking competition and MAYBE learn to work together in the end.

Amanda and Cari began this collaborative project with the hope of inspiring young readers to write their own words and draw their own pictures. After working for many years in the comic book industry, they wanted to create a world all their own featuring original, adorable characters and a heartwarming, adventurous story that reminded them of the passion they felt as children when discovering new worlds through early reading.

The creation of each and every page of this delicate and vibrantly illustrated books was a true collaboration between best friends. In the early stages, they both worked on the writing and layouts. Amanda did the final drawings in pencil and Cari has lovingly rendered them in bright, vivid watercolors. These two young ladies have truly created something magical. Their enthusiasm for art and literacy, plus their obvious talent make them unique!

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet them and enjoy the original artwork in-person! Bear and Bird Gallery will have books for sale, along with Floral Frolic merchandise and of course the beautiful original Floral Frolic watercolor artwork for sale!

About the artists:

Amanda Coronado
I’m a freelance illustrator originally from Texas! You might recognize my work from my previous Kickstarter for Angry Cat. I’m also illustrator for the Vamplets: Nightmare Nursery graphic novels, which I have been working on for the past 3 years. I’ve really enjoyed all the great feedback and enthusiasm I’ve received from younger readers, and it has really pushed me forward into creating even more! I grew up reading from an early age and felt especially drawn to storytelling after reading children’s books by Chris Van Allsburg. I went on to reading a ton of fantasy books and, eventually comics and manga. I graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2008 with a BFA in sequential art. I then moved onto selling my own illustrations, as well as pursuing freelance work.

More of my work can be found at: devilsbakery.etsy.com   |  cinnasketches.tumblr.com |  instagram.com/cinnamoron  |  cinnamoron.deviantart.com

Cari Corene
I grew up with my mother reading to me every night. She started with the Berenstain Bears and Angelina Ballerina. As my reading tastes advanced, I loved everything by Paul Goble. I preferred darker fairy tale type stories, especially when my mother had reservations about reading them to me. I did not start drawing until I was about 9, after my family made a long distance move. After moving, I read more books on my own than I ever had done before. In third grade, my teacher read aloud to the class at the end of every day. She picked a book called ‘Kavik the Wolf Dog’ for one reading session, it was a chapter book that happened to have occasional ink drawings in it. She photocopied the ink drawings for us to color while she read. After I finished coloring all the drawings in the book, I started drawing my own Kavik art to satisfy my coloring needs. Once I started drawing, I never stopped. When I was 13, I started wanting to watercolor paint because the Sailor Moon manga had watercolor illustrations in it. I was motivated to get my drivers’ license and pass college entrance exams at 16 so that I could go to college early, it was my only chance to take art classes because my school was very small and limited in their facilities. My community college helped funnel me towards a BFA in sequential art at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I cite childrens’ picture books and later shoujo manga for encouraging me to draw, which encouraged me to stay in school and pass classes. Without this dream to hang on to, it’s hard to think what alternative futures I might have had.

More of my work can be found atstoryofthedoor.etsy.com  |  storyofthedoor.tumblr.com  |  blix-it.deviantart.com

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