Way back in 2009, the mayor of Lauderhill proclaimed 10/26 to be “Tate’s Comics Day”!
So, in honor of our 25th Anniversary, we have decided to finally celebrate it!
*Official proclamation available at the front register upon request, this is a real thing!

TATEsDay_chestburst2Whereas, we invite
all loyal customers of TATE’S
to Celebrate the Official
“TATE’S Comics Day” with us!

Friday, October 26
Saturday, October 27 and
Sunday, October 28, 2018

Just come in wearing any Tate’s Shirt that you have and you will get 10% off your entire purchase, plus a chance to win big bucks! Yes, this is valid at both our locations!

Every raffle ticket gives you another chance to win the BIG PRIZE!
$250 in Tate Bucks!

But wait… there’s more!
Go right now and dig out your OLDEST Tate’s T-Shirts & memorabilia!
The older the swag, the more raffle tickets you get!


Shirt Era Raffle Ticket Values
1993 – 1999 = 5 tickets
2000 – 2009 = 4 tickets
2010 – 2014 = 3 tickets
2015 – 2016 = 2 tickets
2017 – 2018 = 1 ticket

Rare Vintage TATE’S Swag Ticket Values!
TATE’S Hand Toss Zine/Newsletter = +6 tickets
I “Glow” for TATE’S Keychain = +4 tickets
Original Tate’s Rental Membership Card = +3 tickets
Original Tate Army Card = +2 tickets
Giant Tate’s $2 Bill = +2 tickets
TATE’S Spectre Specs = +2 tickets


The winning raffle ticket will be pulled Monday, October 29th at 2:30pm.
All raffle entries from Lauderhill and Boynton Beach locations will be combined.

Watch them pull the winning raffle ticket via live stream on instagram!! @tatescomics
Results will be posted here on our website, Facebook and instagram.
Video will also be posted to our website and YouTube channel afterwards.

*You must be WEARING the t-shirt to get the raffle ticket value! Only one shirt ticket(s) allowance per day. You cannot bring in/wear multiple shirts at the same time to get extra tickets, just choose your oldest shirt and wear that one! You can come in each day with a different shirt if you like – but only one time each day – to be awarded additional raffle tickets. Vintage TATE’S Swag ticket allowance is only valid once per person/item during this entire celebration. We will be taking photos of everyone in their shirts and with their swag to document all of this in celebration of the event as well! No purchase necessary to enter raffle. Thank you to all our loyal customers and be excellent to each other!

Shirt archive of what we could rustle up!


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