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TATE’S YouTube Video Contest Presentation & Awards
Sunday, October 28, 2012 • 4-5pm

We asked the most talented and creative customers to create a short video in response to our “TATE’S official 2012 T-Shirt infomercial” on YouTube. We wanted to see what YOU could do in a TATE’S shirt!

Watch the “TATE’S official 2012 T-Shirt infomercial” video here

A special viewing of all seven submissions on a big ol’ screen, plus the original infomercial that inspired it all. After the presentation of the videos we will be giving out the awards to their creators.

Complimentary refreshments and special guests from the “Just a Couple of G’s” crew!

A very unique & special event honoring some fine folks who took the time to something cool!

Here is a link to view all the video response submissions!




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