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National Pocky Day at TATE’S: 11/11/11

We had a number of fun activities that would reward you with FREE POCKY!

• The easiest way to nab some Pocky Goodness was to come in costume take a pic and BAM! You got some FREE POCKY!
• Or, you could try your Luck at Pocky Pick-Up Sticks! A game where only the most steady of hand won in the land of Pockydome!
• Pocky Fortunes were told by the Great Wizard Zoltate and his lovely assistant Goldy! The Great and Powerful Wizard Zoltate loves Pocky and pimped himself out for Pocky Day. He and his lovely assistant gave out fortunes and if your love for Pocky was as great as his, maybe even some FREE Pocky!
• You could save your favorite Pocky from “Horrible Death” by Battling to the DEATH at Jankenpyon Galdium! Winner got FREE POCKY!

All in all, much fun was had in celebration of the Pocky Day to end all Pocky Days… after all the Pocky sticks only line up on the calendar once in a generation

Halloween Sale - Wizard Theme
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