Join us for the Fifth Annual TATE’S Comics Community Park & Swap

Event date & time: Saturday, February 28, 2015 from 9am-3pm
Event location: Parking lot out front of TATE’S Main Headquarters in Lauderhill

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This event is ‘swap meet style’ … where our customers set up in our parking lot & sell stuff! You are guaranteed to find a wide variety of unique, cool and truly weird items at the Park & Swap!

Want to BUY STUFF? It’s totally free to come and treasure hunt at the ol’ Park & Swap!
It all starts at 9am …and we all know the early bird catches the worm! …and yes, our store will also open at 9am!
Want to SELL STUFF? Check out the details at — but don’t wait! Selling spots will run out fast! All seller spots have now SOLD OUT![textline] LiveScreenPrinting-Teaser-Image-Park-and-SwapV2

TeeIconThe Fine Print Shoppe will be selling their awesome exclusive t-shirt designs… And also offering FREE printing of the Park and Swap souvenir shirt design, when you bring your own blank tees to be printed on![textline] We asked our sellers to list us a few things there were planning on bringing… so here it is! 🙂 Action Figures; Amazing Spiderman 16; Anime Plush & Pillows; Anime Stuff; Artist Customized Vinyl Toys; Autographed Friday the 13th Hockey Mask; Batman; Board Games; Books; Castle Greyskull; Children’s Books; Clerks Inaction Figures; Collectibles; Comics; DC Direct Figures; Digimon World for PS1; Disney Beanie Babies; Disney Globes; Disney Pins; Dr. Who Books; Dragon Ball Z; Dreamcast; Dunny Sealed Case; Dunnys; DVDs; Fisher Price Star Wars Figures; Flash Rings; Ghostbusters Toys; GI Joe Vehicles 80s; Giant Stuffed Elephant; Graphic Novels; Halo; Hot Toys; Hot Wheels; James Bond Figures; Jurassic Park; Kid Robot; Kingdom Hearts Toys; KISS Trading Cards Uncut Sheet; Legion of Superheroes Rings; Loose Marvel Icons Figures; Magic The Gathering Cards; Manga; Marvel; McFarlane Military Figures; MOTU; Movie Collectibles; Movie Posters; My Little Ponies 80s; My Pet Monster; NES games, system, controllers; Ninendo Wii; Nintendo NES; Older Pokémon cards; Original Comic Art; Original Playstation & PS2; Playstation Games; Pokemon Figures; Pop Culture Trading Cards 80/90s; Posters; Rare Dunnys; Rare Vintage RPGs and Games; Rare Vinyl Toys; Sega Genesis; Sega Saturn; Sports Cards; Star Wars CCG; Star Wars Figures & Vehicles; Star Wars framed posters; Star Wars Watches; Starting Lineup; Statues; Super Mario Brothers Pinball Game; Super NES; Swords; Teddy Ruxpin; Teenage Mutatnt Ninja Turtles; Toys; Trade Paperbacks; Trading Cards; Transfomers; TV Show Board Games 60s-90s; Video Games & Consoles; Vintage Toys; Vinyl Toys; WCW Wrestling Figures; WWF/WWE Wrestling Figures and MUCH, MUCH more!


Substitute Santa 2014
Meet Spider-Man at TATE'S North!

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