Park and Swap Flyer

Join us for the 9th Annual TATE’S Comics Community Park & Swap is here!

Event date & time: Sunday, February 25, 2018 from 9am-3pm
Event location: Parking lot out front of TATE’S Main Headquarters in Lauderhill

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You are sure to find some treasures at TATE’S Comics Community Park & Swap!  This event is ‘swap meet style’ … where our customers set up in our parking lot & sell stuff! You are guaranteed to find a wide variety of unique, cool and truly weird items at the Park & Swap! This is one of our customer’s FAVORITE events, don’t miss it!


Want to BUY STUFF? It’s totally free to come and treasure hunt at the ol’ Park & Swap!
It all starts at 9am …and we all know the early bird catches the worm! …and yes, our store will also open at 9am on this day! Make sure you have a printed flyer, so you can use the sweet TATE’S coupon on the back. You can print one out at home or grab one in-store while supplies last!

All seller spots have sold out! Want to SELL STUFF? Registration for seller spots is now open! You can read the details on how to register for a seller spot here! It is also wise to make sure you are on our email list and getting our emails, so next time you get the early notice![textline]

TeeIconThe Fine Print Shoppe will be selling their awesome exclusive t-shirt designs… And also offering FREE printing of the Park and Swap souvenir shirt design, when you bring your own blank tees to be printed on! See below for a sample![textline]

Just a few of the types of items our registered sellers have said they are bringing to the Park and Swap! 80s Toys; 90s  Action Figures; Anime; Art; Barbies; Board Games; Books; CDs; Clothing; Collectibles; Comic Books; Cookie Jars; Cosplay; Disney; Dolls; Dorbs; DVDs; Figures; Funko; Funko Pops; Games; Glassware; Hot Wheels; Kids Toys; Lego; Loose Figures; Manga; Marvel; Models; Monster High; My Little Pony; Mystery Minis; NECA; Nerf; Pins; Plush; Pokemon; Power Rangers; Records; Retro Games; Shirts; Signed Prints; Spawn; Star Trek; Star Wars; Statues; Street Fighter; Toy Biz; Toys; Trading Cards; Tshirts; Video Games and more!



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