Saturday, May 7, 2022 from 11am-7pm

Event location:
TATE’S Main Headquarters in Lauderhill
TATE’S North in Boynton Beach

• Link to Flyer

10% off everything in all of our locations and free comics for everyone!

Yes, Gaming Satellite included in the discount. No coupon required.

There will be FREE comics for everyone at both of our locations! With many different Free Comic Book Day titles for you to choose from, this event is great for all ages! You can see a sneak preview of this years Free Comic Book Day comic titles, here on the Free Comic site, some even have preview pages you can check out! Please note that not ALL titles that they offer will be available and some will run out faster than others! We actually order and pay for each and every comic we give away during this event, so while we try to get the perfect amount, so everyone is happy – we don’t have infinity copies of each title.

What is Free Comic Book Day? This is the one day a year where the comics community comes together to attempt to share the love and joy of comics with the world! It is about getting awesome kids into reading comics for the first time and helping diehard comic enthusiasts find something new to enjoy! Please join us, it will be a blast!

For more information on this fantastic worldwide event that celebrates comics & a sneak preview of available titles: www.freecomicbookday.com

BONUS! There will be a FREE sticker featuring this adorable Pokémon kid illustration by Danielle “knee” Estefan given away also!!

Dark Beach In-Store Signing
Doctor Rigby In-Store Signing with John Kissee

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