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TATE’S Family Outing on Father’s Day!

Sunday, June 17, 2012; 12-4pm

Fun for your whole family unit!

All family units will get:
• 10% OFF your entire purchase!
• FREE comic books for all kids!
• Access to the “TATE’S Tots” a special play area upstairs.
A place just for little kids, toddlers and babies to play & unwind!
• Complimentary juice box and snacks!
• A memorable outing for the entire family!

Bonus! For Dad Only 20% OFF Any one item of Dad’s Choice!

To qualify for the Family (on father’s day) Discount:
Bring in at least one kid (16 & under) and/or bring in your Father… since it’s Father’s Day!

We’re sorry, but for this particular FAMILY OUTING, coming in with only your significant other doesn’t qualify for the discount. They are welcome to attend, but your beloved pet family members don’t count toward discount either. 🙂

Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner Signing
Not at Comic-Con 2012

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