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TATE’S has been a member of ebay since 1998!

Our user ID is: tatescomics

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We truly aim to be honest and helpful – check out our feedback rating if you need proof! We pride ourselves in offering unique merchandise and completing all transactions (and problems) quickly! We have a staffer on eBay a few days a week, so if you send us a message through there please be patient! Calling us regarding eBay problems may not be effective if our eBay staffers are not working at that exact time you call.

Due to the fact that our store has so many UNIQUE items, ebay is an excellent place to offer our wares! If we tried to put our entire store on a website we would likely have no time to sleep – therefore we list random unique items on eBay as well as our exclusive store comic cover variants.

If you win one of our auctions and live in the South Florida area, you are more than welcome to come by our store and pick up their item! Either our Lauderhill or Boynton Beach locations. Just pay for your item and contact us to arrange local pickup – we will then have shipping refunded to you!

Please visit us on ebay often, we try to add new items a few times each week – perhaps we will be auctioning something you have been looking for! We also sometimes offer overstock products at huge price cuts on ebay – so check often and have fun bidding!