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This week’s cool stuff cube! 9.21.16

September 29, 2016 Recent Fun

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Every week our staffer, Anthony Ruiz, puts together a display cube featuring an assortment of new “cool stuff”. It has come to be known as “The Cool Stuff Cube” … here is a brief summary of why this week’s items were worthy of being selected for this honor.

• DC Comics Batman Beyond Rebirth #1 – Terry McGinnis is back and reclaims his rightful Title as Batman Beyond!

• Josie and the Pussycats #1 Comic – Josie and the Pussycats are back in full force in this comic meant for all of us who grew up with Archie comics and want something a bit more mature.

• BANPRESTO Son Goku Dragonball Z Vinyl Figure – Who doesn’t need a Goku figure getting ready to throw a spirit bomb…the best part is as long as you own him he’ll never fully throw that Spirit Bomb.

• Megahouse Corp. Desktop Real McCoy Son Goku & Chi-Chi DragonBall Z – In a world where we can’t even depend on Branjelina at least we can always count on Goku and Chi-Chi .

• Petite-Chara! Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon set- this set is worth it for the school uniform Usagi alone.

• Dorbz Futurama Bender – I’ll get my own Vinyl toy, with black jack and hookers!

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