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This week’s cool stuff cube! 3.8.17

March 17, 2017 Recent Fun

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Every week our staffer, Anthony Ruiz, puts together a display cube featuring an assortment of new “cool stuff”. It has come to be known as “The Cool Stuff Cube” … here is a brief summary of why this week’s items were worthy of being selected for this honor.

The Cool Stuff Cube is filled with Glamour today.

• Marvel Comics Amazing Spider-Man #25: The Osborn Identity begins here in the super sized Issue!

• DC Comics The Wildstorm: If you remember the good ole days of reading the Wildstorm comics then this book is right up your alley.

• Marvel Bishoujo Loki PVC : This Villainous vexing Vixen comes to us to cause Mischief in all our lives.

• Namco Mini Arcade Game Machine Collection : These Mini arcades will take you back in time to the golden age of Arcades and cheat codes!

• Legend of Korra Vinyl Figure: Master all the elements with this cute little vinyl figure.

• Funko Pop Him : Straight from Townsville comes Him! Making RuPaul proud and slaying it at the bank robberies.

• Spider Tracer Spider-Man enamel pin!

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