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This week’s cool stuff cube! 3.24.17

March 24, 2017 Recent Fun

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Every week our staffer, Anthony Ruiz, puts together a display cube featuring an assortment of new “cool stuff”. It has come to be known as “The Cool Stuff Cube” … here is a brief summary of why this week’s items were worthy of being selected for this honor.

Cool Stuff Cube : The Royal Edition

• Marvel Studios Captain America Civil War: Black Panther Hot Toy – The next in Hot toys Captain America Civil War figures, this fearsome feline is highly detailed and easily the most Royal of the bunch.

• Marvel Comics Iron Fist #1- Just in time for the Netflix series, this new Iron Fist series starts off with a…well we don’t want to spoil it for you , let’s just say think Mortal Kombat.

• DC Comics Dark Knight 3 Master Race #3 Reprint. If you missed out on any of the issues of Dark Knight 3 then feel free to come by and grab the reprints.

• Large Marge Mashup Patch- Combining The Simpsons and Pee-wee’s Big Adventure this patch is sure to make denim vests everywhere POP! Just remember to “Tell em large Marge sent ya!!!!”

• DOTA2 Mirana Nendoroid- because everything looks cute in Chibi form.

• Evangelion Neon Genesis Unit-01 Mini Figure- Just do yourself a favor and keep this one away from your other figures before it gets mad and eats them.

• Gentle Giant Scottie Young Spider-Gwen Mini statue from Marvel Comics- Spiiiiider-Gwen , Spiiiiiider-Gwen , Radioactive Spider-Gwen! SPIDER-GWEN SPIDER BLOOD RADIOACTIVE SPIDER-GWEN!

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