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This week’s cool stuff cube! 7.7.17

July 7, 2017 Recent Fun

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Every week our staffer, Anthony Ruiz, puts together a display cube featuring an assortment of new “cool stuff”.It has come to be known as “The Cool Stuff Cube”
Here is a brief summary of why this week’s items were worthy of being selected for this honor.

Cool Stuff Cube

• Marvel Comics Spider-Man : Follow along the continuing adventures of Miles Morales in the newest issue of Spider-Man.

• Marvel Comics Amazing Spider-Man : Master Plan – Enjoy a trip back to Peter Parkers younger days with this new mini series staring your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

• Dragon Ball Super Goku Black Super Saiyan Rose Figure – Ever wanted an Evil Goku ? Well nows your chance!

• Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks Figure- And if you don’t want an evil Goku well…then Trunks will stop him?

• Caesar Antonio Zepelli Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure figure- Strike a Pose and vogue with this new Jojo’s figure.

• Kotobukiya Spider-Man Figure- this Spidey figure has a…Magnetic personality…he has a Magnetic base guys.

• Kotobukiya DeadPool Figure- Comin’ at your face box! This DP color variant is just perfect for you.

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