Doug & Beth Doubleday

What will you spend your $25 on?

How long have you been visiting TATE’S? Since Tate started his first store!

How old are you? Doug: 56  Beth: 53

How do you make a living? Doug: Electrician  Beth: Writer

If you could do ANYTHING, how would you make a living? Doug: Landscaping

Do you have any pets? A big clowder of cats (Scotty is alpha female) also turtles & a rabbit

Do you have any tattoos? Beth: a dragon

What was you favorite toy as a child? — Now?  Can’t decide

What is your most bizarre childhood memory? Beth: a figure in black gliding past my window

What is the one thing that irritates you the most? Rotton people

What is your favorite smell? Doug: Palmetto  Beth: Pine

What do you collect? Rubber ducks, E.T., business cards, figurines/toys from Star Trek, Star Wars, Walking Dead, etc., comics & magazines…

What are some of your hobbies? Plants, running, movies, reading, cross stitch, biking, music,

What is your Favorite Comic/Manga? Doug: Creepy & Eerie  Beth: Walking Dead

What is your Favorite Anime/Cartoon? Hmm…

What is your Most Favorite Movie? Doug: Star Trek Reboot  Beth: E.T.

What is your Favorite Bumper Sticker? Doug: Question Authority  Beth: Jesus is Coming Look Busy

What is your Favorite T-Shirt? Doug: Harry Potter  Beth: Keep Calm and Call Michonne

What is your Dream Car? Doug: 1969 2-Door Fairlane  Beth: The Judge

What superpowers do you wish you possessed? Doug: Flight Beth: Invisibility

If you could banish anyone into the sun, who would it be? Oh, we won’t go there

Which character on The Simpsons do you identify most with? Doug: Lisa!  Beth: Lisa (defiantly)

Most treasured possession? Beth: Doll I’ve had since I was born (Muffin)

Do you have a homepage? No

What are your favorite websites? Mutts Comics, IMDB, Pottermore