Claro Duran

What will you spend your $25 on?

The Zorro Mini Bust, by Randy Bowen.

How long have you been visiting TATE’S? 5 Years.

How old are you? 33

How do you make a living? Accountant

If you could do ANYTHING, how would you make a living?

Do you have any pets? What are their names?
9 Goldfish, including Mystique & Darth Vader; 2 Parakeets, Kermit & Gonzo

What do you collect? Team books like JLA, JSA, Avengers, Fantastic Four and classics like Phantom & Zorro.

What are some of your hobbies?
Sports, Movies and of course, comics.

Favorite comic? JLA

Favorite cartoon? Thundercats

Favorite Movie? Star Wars Trilogy

Favorite T-Shirt? My ‘Battle of the Planets’ shirt that looks like Mark’s uniform.

What is your dream car? Toyota Celica, because a black one looks like the Batmobile

What superpowers do you wish you possessed? All of Superman’s powers, with Batman’s mind.

If you could banish anyone into the sun, who would it be?
Fidel Castro

Most treasured possession? My son, Jason.