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Book Fair Recap

November 23, 2013 New Stuff, Recent Fun

ITS THAT TIME OF OF YEAR AGAIN!! That’s right it’s time for The Miami Book fair!!
We of course will be there as always rocking the comics and all the fun and you guys should come visit us!
Why? I hear you ask…
Because we are gonna have a ton of awesome signings from the likes of Matt Kindt ( Mind MGMT) , Lucy Knisley ( Relish: My Life in the Kitchen), Nate Powell ( Swallow me Whole), Vivek J. Tiwary ( The Fith Beatle: The Brian Epstein story) , Gene Yang ( Avatar: The Search) and just incase you missed him at our store we will have….get ready for it… Paul Pope!!!!(Battle Boy).

Now if that isn’t enough we will also have trivia and contests and all kinds of other cool stuff throughout the weekend!

So come on out and see us and have tons of fun at the Miami Book Fair!!


We are here!! We arrived at the Miami Book Fair and the setup HAS BEGUN!!



Matt Kindt is singing at the TATE’S booth for the Miami Book fair!! Come check him out and be sure to pick up a copy of Mind MGMT, PistolWhip or The Tooth!


At the Miami International Book Fair today… Matt Kindt creating a few special chase versions of his books for our store! This is so cool!!


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