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TATE’S Savings Bonds are no longer available!

Thank you all!

Sent_BonusBucksSquareGraphicAt this time, TATE’S Savings Bonds are no longer available. Thank you all for your support – your faith in the store has given us a cushion to get this started back up again. We are open this week (5/12) only for subscription box customers to pick up the comics in their subscription boxes. Next week week we are working towards the goal of either curbside pickup or limited hours/limited customers being allowed inside the store. Check your email for updates!

If you ordered a savings bond, you should have gotten two emails. First a PayPal receipt and then within 24 hours a PDF of a savings bond with your info on it. If you placed an order, check your spam folder! It would have been sent from emailus@tatescomics.com. If you still can’t find it – let us know and we can resend it to you.

You will be able to print it out or show the certificate on your phone at the time you come in to redeem it. In order to redeem, you will need to have an ID that matches the name on the certificate, so be sure to fill that out section properly. We will have a database with all the info to reference, we have to protect ourselves from fraud the only way we can. Please remember we are just a mom and pop store doing the best we can and even though you are honest and righteous, there are people out there who certainly look for loopholes! Any questions, just email and ask!