Tate’s Comics

Tate’s Comics’ origin story is just as unbelievable and epic as the stories it sells. In 1993, when 17-year-old Tate Ottati was only a high-school senior, he started “playing” the stock market as part of an economics class. When he then decided to invest in real life, he naturally invested in Marvel Comics stock. A lucky dude, he sold it at its highest point before the company went bankrupt and went off the market for several years. Ottati used his earnings as seed money to invest in a comic book store, which he opened with the support of his father. The first shop was only 1,000 square feet and specialized in things like Japanese anime, a rarity in the ’90s, allowing customers to rent imported VHS cassettes. Tate’s moved to its current location in 2002 and expanded over the years to an enormous 10,000 square feet. In 2009, Tate’s also won the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award for its contributions to the comic book industry. This is all to say, three decades later, Tate’s remains the best place to find comic books, collectibles, and pop-culture memorabilia in South Florida.

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