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Sure, Tate’s is the place to go if you want to catch up on the latest comics or graphic novels; the selection is truly mind-boggling. But more than that, Tate Ottati’s 4,000-square-foot comic-book emporium, which celebrated its 13th anniversary in March, is an experience in sensual overload. Movie props, superhero statues, toys, DVDs and a profusion of Japanese snacks and beverages that seem like the nutritional equivalent of anime cram shelves and display cases. But if you can somehow make it past all the distractions without your brain melting, you’ll definitely find something to read. If you want to catch up on the latest dramas unfolding in the Marvel or DC universe, get involved in a weighty graphic novel that makes you weep at the futility of existence or peruse the latest inde publications, Tate’s will hook you up. And if you thought the store was overwhelming before, just wait until Ottati completes the 2,000-foot expansion that began this summer.

EisnerWinPicDIY to Eisner Winner
Sun SentinelSun-Sentinel Article; Amphoman; 7/8/13

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