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“Surge of Power” Appearance

SurgeofPowerFlickr photo archive of this event!

Meet the star of the film “SURGE OF POWER”

Sunday, May 28, 2006 2:00pm

at Tate’s comics and you’ll have a chance to win passes to that night’s show!!

To add to the fun, Tate’s Comic’s will host the Sunday night show at Gateway 4. Prizes will be awarded to those dressed in the most clever superhero or villain costume (think original). Tate’s Comics will award a $50 Gift Certificate as a Grand Prize, $25 to first and second runners up and Sunrise Cinemas will award a pair of tickets to the Gateway 4 every month for 6 months as part of the Grand Prize package!

The film offers fun performances and cameo appearances by some of our favorite sci-fi, comic book and TV sitcom shows including:  Lou Ferigno (The Incredible Hulk), Nichelle Nichols (LT. Urhua/Star Trek), Noel Neill (Lois Lane/The Adventures of Superman), Bobby Trendy (The Anna Nicole Show), Bob May (Robot/Lost in Space), Butch Patrick (Eddie/The Munsters), Lisa Loring (Wednesday/The Addams Family), Liz Sheridan (Helen/Seinfeld), Bernard Fox (Dr. Bombay/Bewitched), Len Wein (famous comic writer and creator of Wolverine), Marv Wolfman (famous comic writer and creator of Teen Titans), and Forrest Ackerman (world’s leading sci-fi authority) and many more.

The camp sci-fi film has been acclaimed by press as “campy, cult science fiction – tightly packed & wholesome” -Gene Hetzel, Pulp Magazine
“If the film rolls your way, go check it out. It was funny, and the guys get an ‘A’ for effort.” -Gashlycrumbkid New2Comics