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Free Comic Book Day Fiesta 2015


Saturday, May 2, 2015 from 10am-9pm

Event location: Parking lot out front & inside of TATE’S Main Headquarters in Lauderhill (& inside at TATE’s North)

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There will be FREE comics for everyone at both of our locations! Fifty different titles for you to choose from, this event is great for all ages! Everyone has their choice of FIVE titles from the special Free Comic Book Day books! You can see a sneak preview of them here on the Free Comic site, some even have preview pages you can check out! And here is a link to our OWN menu of Free Book Day Comics; with our specific #s next to them to help you get ready! Make a cheat sheet with the five you want most and be prepared!

What is Free Comic Book Day? This is the one day a year where the comics community comes together to attempt to share the love and joy of comics with the world! Its about getting awesome kids into reading comics for the first time and helping diehard comic enthusiasts find something new to enjoy! Please join us, it will be a blast!

For more information on this fantastic worldwide event that celebrates comics & a sneak preview of available titles: www.freecomicbookday.com

Bonus events, at our main headquarters in Lauderhill: • We will have a huge A/C tent in our parking lot, filled with comic book creators, artists and cosplayers from 11am-6pm • Awesome costumed character appearances throughout the day! Great for fun photo ops! Want to setup and promote yourself at this event? Apply here. The deadline is 4/6/15 and space is very limited! TinyCameraIconPhotos Free Comic Book Day Fiesta 2014 photos! 2015FreeCBDay_MenuWeb