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Board to Death v.1


Introducing a new event at TATE’S… Board to Death!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Event location: TATE’S Gaming Satellite, two doors down from our main Lauderhill location.

Free and fun for you! Bring all your favorite friends and family!

We hope to do this as a semi-regular event, so please come and show your support! 🙂 Learn some new games!

TinyCameraIconPhotos Flickr photo archive of this event!

We will provide guided introduction to three different & truly epic-fun board games!
This event will be focused on:

• Arkham Horror
• Betrayal at House on the Hill
• Ghostbusters: The Board Game



Complimentary snacks and juice boxes while supplies last!

Raffle for $50 in Tate Bucks! One free entry ticket per participant!


These board games are geared towards older kids and adults. If you bring little ones, we do have some other age-appropriate games available for them to play also!