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Recap of our 2014 events!

December 30, 2014 Recent Fun

Holy macaroni! Looking back at this crazy, super speedy two thousand and fourteenth year its hard to believe all the fun times we had together! Thank you all for your ridiculously loyal and enthusiastic support of our business and our special events. Our diverse and truly special community of customers is what makes it all worthwhile. We will do our best to be worthy of you, 2015 will be just as epic! We are planning the schedule now, and you can expect to find many of your favorite events back at TATE’S in the New Year! 2015…. WHAT?!!!!! 2014_photocollage1

January 2014: Oshogatsu at Morikami Japanese Garden
January 2014: Gallery Show, Square Show 4 (locals)
January 2014: Mention in BUST Magazine’s Travel section.

February 2014: Burger Beast ‘Burgie Awards’
February 2014: 4th Annual Park and Swap
February 2014: We expand an additional 2,000 square feet at Lauderhill HQ. 😮

March 2014: Gallery Show, Pin-Ups and Pinballs
March 2014: Hatsume Festival at Morikami Japanese Garden

April 2014: 21st Anniversary Sale, Vegas Theme
April 2014: International Tabletop Day at Gaming Satellite
April 2014: Movie Screening, Captain America: The Winter Soldier
April 2014: Gave away comics at Young at Art ‘Festival of the Arts’

May 2014: Free Comic Book Day Fiesta
May 2014: May the Fourth Be With You
May 2014: Gallery Show, Quintessential Quintet
May 2014: Gena from iheartnailart starts setting up bi-weekly.

June 2014: Vanesa Del Rey In-Store Signing
June 2014: Family Outing on Father’s Day
June 2014: Gallery Show, Thought Coalition
June 2014: Sunrise Civic Center’s Anime Film and Japanese Fest!
June 2014: Gave away comics at Transformers 4 screening.
June 2014: Won ‘Best Comic Book Store’ in New Times

July 2014: Batman Day
July 2014: Not at Comic-Con
July 2014: Movie Screening, Guardians of the Galaxy

August 2014: Japanese Snack Tasting
August 2014: Gallery Show, Prints Charming 2

September 2014: Young at Art Kingdom of Characters Exhibit
September 2014: George Perez & April Hunter Signing
September 2014: Broward County Library Anime Fest
September 2014: Superhero Night at the Florida Science Center
September 2014: Khans of Tarkir Pre-Release Event at Gaming Satellite

October 2014: 24 Hour Comics Day
October 2014: Gallery Show, Not of This Earth (locals)
October 2014: Out of This World Sale
October 2014: TATE’S Gaming Satellite 11th Anniversary!
October 2014: 3000 Brigade performs their 9th show!

November 2014: Miami Book Fair International
November 2014: Black Friday Weekend Coupon Madness Sale
November 2014: TATE’S North 1st Anniversary!
November 2014: Crucible 4 Qualifier at Gaming Satellite

December 2014: MTG Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier at Gaming Satellite
December 2014: Ugly Sweater Sunday
December 2014: Substitute Santa


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