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Whoa! We did a lot in 2013!

January 2, 2014 Recent Fun


Thank you all for your support in 2013, we couldn’t have survived it without you!
Looking back we can’t believe all that we did last year… here’s to a fun filled 2014 as well! Our very best wishes to you all.
—The entire TATE’S Crew

January 2013: Oshogatsu at the Morikami
January 2013: Gallery Show, Square Show 3 (Locals)
February 2013: Park & Swap
March 2013-Present: Food Truck setups
March 2013: Hatsume Fair at the Morikami
March 2013: Gallery Show, Girls vs. Boys
April 2013: 20th Anniversary Sale
April 2013: JoAnn and Brian got married!
April 2013: Gallery Show, Starter Art
May 2013: Free Comic Book Day
May 2013: May the Fourth Gaming Event
May 2013: Iron Man Screening
June 2013: Peter Panzerfaust Signing
June 2013: Family Outing on Father’s Day
June 2013: Gallery Show, Little Golden Years
June 2013: Heidi Kenney Signing
June 2013: Man of Steel comic giveaway (in capes!)
July 2013: Not at Comic-Con
July 2013: Young at Art’s Teen Comic-Con
July 2013: Library Mini-Con
August 2013: Ninja Turtles Pizza Time
August 2013: Gallery Show, Prints Charming
August 2013: Richard Starkings Signing
August 2013: Singles Mingle
August 2013: Power Ranger’s 20th Anniversary
August 2013: Channel 10’s Local Top 10 List and News Reports
September 2013: Ninja Turtles Pizza Time
September 2013: Japanese Snack Tasting
October 2013: Ninja Turtles Pizza Time
October 2013: Kid Cudi stopped by
October 2013: Gallery Show, Mysteries of the Unexplained (Locals)
October 2013: Young at Art Superhero exhibit opening setup
October 2013: 24 Hour Comics Day
October 2013: Zombie PJ Party
October 2013: Library Mini-Con
October 2013: Halloween Sale
October 2013: Gaming Satellite 10th Anniversary!
November 2013: Ninja Turtles Pizza Time
November 2013: Thor Screening
November 2013: Paul Pope Signing
November 2013: Miami Book Fair
November 2013: Time Lord Luau
November 2013: Opened TATE’S North location
November 2013: Comic Shipment LOST!
November 2013: Gallery Show, Small Stuff 7
November 2013: Black Friday Coupon Madness Sale
December 2013: Ninja Turtles Pizza Time
December 2013: Wellington Food Truck setup
December 2013: Substitute Santa


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