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This week’s cool stuff cube! 10.19.16

October 20, 2016 Recent Fun

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Every week our staffer, Anthony Ruiz, puts together a display cube featuring an assortment of new “cool stuff”. It has come to be known as “The Cool Stuff Cube” … here is a brief summary of why this week’s items were worthy of being selected for this honor.

• Ginyu Force! Dragon Ball Z figures Dramatic Showcase figures- Recoome! Burter! Jeice! Guldo! Ginyu! Together We Are The… Ginyu Force! These figures may be sold separately but together they are the most fearsome team in the Galaxy.

• Sailor Moon Transformation patch- Magical Girl Transformation is the only way to transform!

• D.C. Bombshells Wonder Woman Funko Figure- Bombshell doesn’t even describe this bodacious babe!

• One Piece Trafalgar Law Champion 2015 figure- this is one Law we’d all like to break.

• Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye- Like the Hangover ? Like Indiana Jones type antics ? Well this book combines the best parts of those adventures into one great book in the Young Animals line.

• Invader Zim- The continuing adventures of Zim the human boy who is definitely not an Alien and stoopid DIB!

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