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Park and Swap Seller Info – June 2018

2017_vertical_ParkSwapCollageWant to SELL?

This is your chance to clean out your closets and sell some of your less loved stuff to other awesome TATE’S customers! We offer a very limited number of selling spots in our front parking lot for this annual swap meet style event. It is free for people to attend/shop and we promote it for you! Don’t wait! Spots will run out!

Event date & time: Sunday, June 24, 2018 from 9am-3pm
Event location: Parking lot out front of TATE’S Main Headquarters in Lauderhill

This will be the 10th time we have held the Park and Swap event at TATE’S! 

At this time all seller spots have been taken!

Be sure to join our email list to be notified right away next time!

The ONLY WAY to reserve your selling spot is to actually come on in to TATE’S Main Headquarters in Lauderhill. You have to fill out the registration form and pre-pay for your spot in-person, in-store. Strictly limited to one spot per person.

There is a $35 non-refundable fee to reserve a selling spot, which must be pre-paid, in-store at the time of registering.

We will not accept registration/payment by phone or email. We cannot accept registration at TATE’S Boynton Beach North location either, sorry.  There is a limited number of spots, so feel free to call ahead to make sure that there are still some available before you drive over, but we will not hold or guarantee a spot for you… 954-748-0181

Seller spots are sold first come, first served. We always try to keep things fair and listen to the complaints of our customers. So, in order to give new people a chance to setup, all sellers from the immediatley previous “park and swap” event have a 3-day waiting period before they are permitted to buy a spot. Members of our email list are notified first of the opening of seller registration, it pays to get the inside scoop! Join our email list and make sure you are receiving them each week!

Potential sellers, please read:

You must park your vehicle in the spot and set up your wares behind your car or sell out of your trunk. You cannot just “set up a table” without a vehicle in the spot, a vehicle is required.

How much will fit? That depends on the size of your car! You cannot spill over into the space next to you, please stay inside the painted parking lines on either side of the spot. But, you CAN stick out in the street area a bit, since no cars will be driving through, it will be roped off. Bringing a shade tent is recommended for your comfort! No electricity, chairs or tables will be provided. We are only providing you space to sell & promotion of the event.

  • THIS IS NOT A CRAFT or ART SHOW. You can sell your collectables & random cool old stuff only.
  • If you may ALSO have a few handmade goods or artwork, it must be limited to less than 50% of your stuff.
  • No online store retailers, no con/show dealers, no brick and mortar business. Sellers must be regular folks… this is not an event to promote your local business.
  • Limit one spot per person, you cannot buy multiple spots. No, not even one for your friend.

Buying/trading is done directly between the two parties, TATE’S is not involved in your transactions. …be excellent to each other.

$35 registration fee is non-refundable for any reason, including poor weather.
If the event is cancelled due to really bad weather, we will email you to let you know / reschedule and promote the new date.
If you cannot make it for whatever emergency reason after registering, you are welcome to give/sell your spot to a friend to use.
Just give them your paid receipt as proof of the transfer so they have it during setup time! Make sure you are receiving our emails with updates and reminders!

TinyCameraIconPhotos Check out the photos from the last Park & Swap! It will give you an “idea” of what the event is like and what to expect.

Any questions, please email us swap@tatescomics.com