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Calling all South Florida comic creators!

June 13, 2019 Recent Fun

Contribute2019ComicImageBe a part of TATE’S 2019 Not At Comic-Con Indy Comic Anthology!

This will be ISSUE TEN!

All comics that meet every bit of the criteria below will be accepted and included.

The criteria is pretty simple, but you must meet ALL of the below, please email with questions…

Submission Guidelines:

  • Black and White only, yes greytones are OK.
  • Size exactly 5″x8″ full page (or) 5”x4” half page
  • Single page only.
  • 300 dpi jpeg (or) pdf file.
  • Must be your own original comic artwork. No photographs.
  • Your submission must tell a story across multiple comic panels.
  • No pinup pages, illustration pages or single “comic” panels will be accepted.
  • No ads. That means no ads for your comic, pretending to be a comic. No nonsense please, don’t take advantage of our goodwill! If you want to sponsor the printing of this comic with an ADVERTISEMENT, please email us to inquire – we would appreciate it!
  • No nudity or images so graphic they could potentially give a small child nightmares.
  • Locally based South Florida people/teams only. Seriously, no out of towners (sorry!).
  • One comic only per person/team.
  • Include your credit byline, website and the comic’s title ON the page you submit. This will be your only credit!

Email your completed work to us at indycomic@tatescomics.com by Monday, July 1, 2019 at Midnight!
We will NOT ACCEPT hard copies delivered to the store. Email only.
Double check your size before sending!!

The annual Indy Comic will be printed by us and given away for FREE during TATE’S Not at Comic-Con 2019 on Saturday, July 20th.

During our annual Not at Comic-Con event we have an Artist’s Alley area set up. ONLY the contributing artists to the indy comic are invited to setup and sign copies of the comic during the event. They may also sell their personal artwork/prints/comics. There is no charge or fee to take part in the Not at Comic-Con Artist Alley, you simply MUST have contributed a comic meeting the criteria above. More info on the artist alley will be provided via email to confirmed contributors of the comic closer to the event.

Check out last year’s comic: [Link to PDF]
Want to see what the event is like? Photos from our 2018 Not at Comic-Con Event.

ADVERTISING: If you are unable to create a comic, but are interested in placing a **paid ad** into the 10th edition of TATE’S Indy Comic Anthology, please contact us by email for more information and rates. It really would help us out, it is darn expensive to print these up! Paid ads will not get you a space in the artist alley though, that space is for contributors only.



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