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The Legacy of the Golden Tate May Be Your Key to Fame & Fortune.


After 10 years of heart pounding, totally ridiculous, heart stopping action/drama/romance/madness/nonsense the Quest for the Golden Tate is leveling up and evolving. We want YOU to carry on the legend and take it to places it has never been before. The next generation is ripe and ready to flower. Bring us your most creative and amazing ideas for what YOU think would make a good Golden Tate Trailer!

Before you go further, make sure you are acquainted with the official Golden Tate Saga thus far! www.tatescomics.com/goldentatelegacy

Also… make sure you READ all the contest requirements below as well!


• Video submission idea must be in the spirit of the Golden Tate Legacy. Do your homework and watch all the old ones for inspiration! They can be ridiculous and silly! We love ridiculous and silly.

GoldenTateFire• You must include at least one small part of the video using the “official Golden Tate prop object”, filmed at our store in Lauderhill or Boynton Beach. We will make an “official Golden Tate prop object” (and the store) available for filming at your request, during regular hours of operation. Please just email us ahead of time to arrange, we will be as accommodating as we can be! :-) This can literally be only 10 seconds of footage in the video if you want, it just has to be included!

• Your video may not contain nudity or anything that would give a small child nightmares.

• Runtime of no more than 5 minutes long, including the end credits.

• Final frame of your trailer must display this information:
The Quest for the Golden Tate 2020
“Inspired by the Tate’s Comics Golden Tate Legacy”
For more info visit: www.tatescomics.com

You can present this info any way that you choose and can also add more to it, such as your crew credits, thank yous, etc. You may also use this pre-made slide, here, if it is easier for you, but you are not required to use this exact slide!

• Deadline to submit: Sunday, June 21, 2020 at 9pm

• You do not need to be super fancy to submit a video, you can shoot and edit it on your phone. You are also required to have fun making it!



All videos meeting the requirements will be shown at the Not at Comic-Con 2020 event on the “big screen”. Date to be determined.

One winning video will be selected through democratic vote by panel of valued judges.
The winning video will receive $200 in Tate Bucks and the coveted 2020 Golden Tate trophy.

A second “popular vote” winner will be determined through view count on our YouTube playlist, this winner will receive $50 in Tate Bucks and a high five!

If you are interested, start planning your ideas now and assemble your crew! It is a LOT OF FUN to do a project and make a video with your friends.
It is with great pleasure that we now give YOU a reason to go out and make one! Be excellent to each other and make some fun memories!

When you are all ready to submit, fill out the submission form at this link!