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TATE’S Savings Bonds! Worth 20% MORE!


Obviously, everything is crazy – we are all inside and upside down. As of 3/21/2020 all of our stores are currently closed and our staff is sheltering in their homes to hopefully help us all get through this nightmare situation safely and as quickly as possible…

A few folks have asked if we can offer mail order/shipping right now. Sadly, we cannot. We are simply not set up for mail order and as much as we could use the sales, we just can’t make it happen right now. TATE’S has always been a dedicated brick and mortar “in-store shopping experience” … so this sudden change of how society *runs* really puts us at a loss on how to operate on any level.

We did have one awesome customer purchase a gift certificate online last week to support us (thanks Justo!) so we were inspired to offer you all a special discounted TATE’S Bonus Bucks (gift certificate type thing) that can be redeemed once we re-open our doors. When will that be? We don’t have the answer to that, but we can tell you that these are worth 20% $$ dollars $$ MORE than the amount you pay for them. They can only be redeemed in-store and you can use the full value of the certificate, even combined with coupons, our tent sale or any other sales that may come up. This is really a rare chance to save a bundle… if you can afford to buy some right now!

Your purchase of a TATE’S Bonus Bucks Savings Bond directly supports our ability to continue to operate once this is all over.
It is a vote of confidence that things will be back to normal soon and that you will be in to shop with us once again!
We are all looking forward to that day.

This offer will only be available to purchase as long as our doors are closed, so don’t delay! Support us with a savings bond today!


Amounts Available…
Full name of recipient:

These special edition TATE’S Bonus Bucks savings bonds will be sent to you via email —>
To the email address you used for your purchase via PayPal.
They will not be mailed out, so no shipping costs!

We are going to be manually making these up one-by-one as they come in and sending you a super special PDF file. We are going to try and get them out to you within 24 hours of purchase, so if you don’t see it in your inbox – check your junkmail/spam and then let us know!

You will be able to print it out or show the certificate on your phone at the time you come in to redeem it. In order to redeem, you will need to have an ID that matches the name on the certificate, so be sure to fill that out section properly. We will have a database with all the info to reference, we have to protect ourselves from fraud the only way we can. Please remember we are just a mom and pop store doing the best we can and even though you are honest and righteous, there are people out there who certainly look for loopholes! Any questions, just email and ask!